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Career Building in Professional Microsoft Certified

Career Build in Professional Microsoft Certified

The Microsoft Certified Professional, or MCP, Program is an internationally recognized certification program by Microsoft. It was introduced in the market in 1999 to promote the expertise of Microsoft Certified professionals who are already in service. 

This certification is very useful for students who are preparing to take a certification examination that will qualify them for a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCS) certification. The program aims at improving the skills and knowledge required for an individual to become competent in the field of information technology.

For students who wish to become Microsoft Certified Professional, they need to follow certain guidelines. First of all, they must have completed their training. There are several Microsoft courses available online to fulfill this requirement. Then they need to pass a written Microsoft certification exam. 

On successful completion of the exam, students will receive a Microsoft Certified Professional logo which they can use for identification on electronic Microsoft devices. Some students decide to continue their education after getting their Microsoft Certified Professional status to enhance their credentials.


Microsoft Certified Professionals

Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) may choose to take further studies related to information technology. They can then become eligible for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCS). The exams for this certification process are also different from those taken for Microsoft Certified Professional status. Students can take the exam to prove their proficiency in Microsoft technologies, such as Visual Basic and ASP applications.

A Microsoft Certified Professional will also receive specialized training on subjects such as web design, wireless networking, desktop publishing, desktop management, network architecture, .Net programming, Microsoft Office applications, and graphic design. A Microsoft Certified Professional also has the option to continue his/her education by taking additional exams that will provide him/her with even more expertise and specialized training.

These exams are available from Microsoft itself or may be ordered from independent vendors. Students who complete the exams will receive a Microsoft credential which shows their expertise in Microsoft technologies. The Microsoft credential is good for two years. However, students need to work actively in the computer industry before they will be able to apply for a Microsoft Certified Professionals designation.

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Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) exams are targeted toward professionals who already possess Microsoft Certified Professionals certification. The exams for this certification process are different from those of Microsoft Certified Professional. 

Candidates who want to achieve the credential need to meet a set of criteria, which includes passing an examination. Candidates who pass the exams must also show that they understand the technical aspects of Microsoft technologies and can successfully execute basic and intermediate applications.

Microsoft-level certifications train professionals in all Microsoft technologies. There are three levels of Microsoft level certifications. These certifications are Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Designer, and Microsoft Certified Trainer. These certifications can be renewed after achieving specific milestones; otherwise, the certification is considered ineffective.

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Salary of Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft-certified professional salary is one of the things that you should consider when you are looking for the best places to get a job. These positions are available in all industries but most particularly in Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) field. 

Microsoft-certified professional salary is one of the things that will be very useful for people who want to pursue a career with Microsoft certification. The reason why Microsoft-certified professional salary is so high is that people with this certification can work in very different fields and various jobs.

Microsoft certified professionals (MPCs) are specialized professionals who specialize in Microsoft software applications and systems. They usually focus their technical maintenance skills on a particular field, beginning from systems architecture to programming to Web development. 

Microsoft certification means that a person is qualified to work on specific Microsoft applications, regardless of the specific job title that he has applied for. Microsoft certified professional salary is higher than that of an average person with a high school degree. Also, these individuals have a good chance of being promoted because Microsoft is continuously adding new applications and certifications.

People who work in Microsoft certified professional positions usually receive a Microsoft Qualified Technology Specialist (MSTS) credential upon completing their certificate program. This credential can help secure a good job, although it cannot guarantee employment.

A good MSTS can easily find work because there is a Microsoft certification requirement for entry into the industry. However, finding a good job will require the help of a professional resume-writing service or an employment agency.


MCP Certification

The opening of Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCP) jobs can be traced back to 1990. The Microsoft Certified Systems Specialist (MCSP) was introduced to help IT professionals gain certification in Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) gained widespread popularity within two years due to its easy application and its comprehensive approach. 

As a Microsoft certified technology specialist, you will be able to use Microsoft technologies as an application. As a Microsoft certified technology specialist, it is required by law to disclose your Microsoft certification to potential employers. As an MCSP, your income and earnings depend on your certification status.

Microsoft Lactation Cookies is one certification that can make you more valuable. Microsoft Lactation Cookies can be found in Microsoft Office products and can help a woman to breastfeed her child if she chooses to. If you want to help a mom who is breastfeeding her baby, then consider this certification. 

A lot of mothers are choosing to breastfeed their babies, which is shown by the current statistics that more mothers are using Microsoft Lactation Cookies to help them feed their infants.

Microsoft Certified Professional Salary will depend on your specialization and location. In Microsoft Certification Centre, you can find detailed information about all the Microsoft certifications. As a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, your income will be higher compared with other specialists in your field because you get paid for your expertise. As a specialist, you can expect a high salary because you can expect many boobs and diapers at home during the night. So what are you waiting for.

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