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150+ Top Free High DA Infographic Submission Websites List for SEO

Infographic submission has become a popular method among SEOs and digital marketers to acquire high-quality backlinks and get exposure at the same time. But, if you do not have plenty of infographic submission websites ready at hand, the process can be a bit troublesome. This is because you will have to spend a long time searching for infographic submission sites.

To lessen your workload, we have come up with this blog. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a list of high DA/PA infographic submission sites. Having this list of infographic submission websites at your disposal would save you considerable time and overhead. But, before we allow you to dive into the list, let us help you get familiar with the few basics of the infographic submission process.

This strategy not only helps promote your infographic but also increases your website traffic and builds brand credibility. To effectively market your infographic, the recommended approach is to engage influencers and reach out to bloggers. Utilizing a reputable influencer marketing platform, such as BuzzSumo, coupled with an outreach tool like Mailshake can enable you to target numerous bloggers who share similar interests as you and persuade them to incorporate your infographic in their published material. Apart from promoting your infographic, this technique can also generate more traffic to your website and reinforce trust in your brand.


Ultimate Guide to Infographic Submission Sites

When you closely examine the word ‘infographic,’ you will realize that it is a combination of ‘information’ and ‘graphic.’ An infographic is creative and informative graphic content that can help users discover your content through graphics. Infographic submission is an effective and recent technique used for search engine optimization through social media.

Infographics are a type of graphical representation that presents information or data in an integrated manner. Moreover, these are increasingly used on the internet for information sharing and link building purposes. By combining quality graphics with informative data, you can create an appealing infographic that presents interesting information.


Better SEO Strategies for Infographic Digital Marketing: Infographic Submission Sites

Consider off-page SEO strategies with the help of your digital marketing team to:

Educate a broader audience about your infographic visual content. Get more website traffic, build quality backlinks, and increase your domain authority (DA). Encourage people to download and/or share your infographics on high da sites, third-party sites, and across the world wide web. How? Through using free infographic submission websites and submitting infographics. It’s time for you to get leverage, and it’s time to utilize the power of popular and free infographic submission sites.

Promote infographics through free infographic submission websites while gaining more quality backlinks and social signals at the same time. In addition, infographic submission sites help your visual content to get noticed, shared, and spread throughout the internet.


Submit Infographic to These Reputable Sites for More High Quality Backlinks and Social Shares

Here are the top infographic submission sites and infographic directories, plus their domain rating (DA) to help you increase your reach. Here at Piktochart, we’ve done our research to make sure that these infographic submission sites are secure, trustworthy, reliable for our readers and their content, and provide the best infographics available:

  • Visual.ly
  • eLearning Infographics
  • Slideshare
  • Behance
  • Daily Infographic
  • Flickr
  • Reddit
  • Infographic Bee
  • Cool Infographics
  • Infographic Journal
  • Visualistan
  • Graphs.net
  • Infographics Archives


Can Infographic Submission Services Amplify Your Message?

Yes, infographic submission services have the potential to amplify your message effectively. By utilizing these services, you can leverage the power of visually appealing and informative infographics to captivate your target audience. Infographics are a highly engaging form of content that simplifies complex information, making it easier to understand and share. When professionally submitted through specialized services, your infographics can reach a wider audience across various platforms, increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your website.

Additionally, these services often have established connections with reputable websites and platforms, which can enhance the reach and credibility of your infographics. Through strategic distribution and promotion, infographic submission services can help you effectively communicate your message and achieve your marketing objectives.


How do Infographic Submission Sites Work?

Infographic sites operate through a straightforward process. After creating an engaging and visually appealing infographic, content creators upload their work onto these platforms. Typically, they provide essential details such as a title, description, and relevant tags or categories to accurately represent the content.

Once submitted, the infographic goes through a moderation process to ensure compliance with the site’s guidelines. Upon approval, the infographic becomes publicly accessible on the platform, allowing users to view, share, and embed it on their websites or blogs.


Advantages of Infographic Submission Sites List

There are several advantages of using infographic submission sites to promote and share your infographics. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Increased visibility: By submitting your infographics to these sites, you can reach a larger audience and increase the visibility of your brand or business.
  2. Improved search engine optimization (SEO): Infographic submission sites often have high domain authority and are frequently crawled by search engines. By submitting your infographics to these sites, you can improve your website’s SEO and increase your chances of appearing in search results.
  3. Backlink opportunities: Many infographic submission sites allow users to include backlinks to their website or blog in their submissions. This can help to drive traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings.
  4. Social media sharing: Infographic submission sites often have social media sharing buttons, making it easy for viewers to share your content on social media platforms.
  5. Credibility and authority: By sharing your infographics on reputable and established sites, you can enhance the credibility and authority of your brand or business.
  6. Networking opportunities: Infographic submission sites can provide networking opportunities and connections with other designers, businesses, and individuals in your field.

Overall, using infographic submission sites can be an effective way to increase your online visibility, improve your search engine rankings, and drive traffic to your website or blog.


Benefits of Using Infographic Submission

  1. With text over the images, consequently, it will help a person to summarize whatever you want them to know.
  2. The infographic format enhances the content marketing strategy.
  3. It is eye-catching and easy to understand.
  4. Helps in the marketing of your product, to gain more boost.
  5. Makes the subject interesting due to less use of theory and more images.
  6. Easily shareable, because if it’s interesting people would love to share it with their network.
  7. Great for your website ranking as it gives quality infographic links.
  8. Proves your worth in the market, as the amount of information you put in the infographic.
  9. Moreover, it will showcase your research and knowledge about the product.
  10. And lastly, it can surely drive massive traffic to your website.


List of Top Free Infographic Submission Websites

With so many websites out there to submit your infographics, you can be lost in deciding which site is best to submit them to. Not anymore! We provide a list of high DA/PA free infographic submission sites that will make your life easier. Here you go:


Infographic Submission Sites List

1 facebook.com 96 100
2 slideshare.net 95 86
3 myspace.com 95 82
4 twitter.com 94 100
5 pinterest.com 94 97
6 instagram.com 93 100
7 livejournal.com 93 99
8 mashable.com 93 78
9 photobucket.com 93
10 flickr.com 92 95
11 reddit.com 92 91
12 dribbble.com 92 84
13 behance.net 92 83
14 fastcompany.com 92 59
15 justpaste.it 89 66
16 business2community.com 89 61
17 visual.ly 86 72
18 flowingdata.com 84 62
19 mobypicture.com 82 63
20 dailyinfographic.com 82
21 infogram.com 80 70
22 infogr.am 79 68
23 good.is 79 60
24 venngage.com 78 66
25 easel.ly 70 61
26 designyoutrust.com 67 62
27 vizualize.me 61 58
28 coolinfographics.com 60 52
29 elearninginfographics.com 59 55
30 infographicjournal.com 57 52
31 visualistan.com 57 48
32 cutewriters.com 54 40
33 infographicsarchive.com 53 53
34 best-infographics.com 53 45
35 graphs.net 53
36 datavisualization.ch 51 49
37 xplane.com 51 49
38 infographicsshowcase.com 49
39 infographicsmania.com 47
40 infographicszone.com 46
41 infographiclist.com 45 47
42 submitinfographics.com 43 49
43 infographicportal.com 43 44
44 nerdgraph.com 43 44
45 infographiclabs.com 42 47
46 bestinfographics.co 42 37
47 newsilike.in 42
48 infographicbee.com 41 43
49 loveinfographics.com 40 49
50 mediacaffeine.com 38
51 infocarnivore.com 36 41
52 infographicsite.com 36 39
53 infographixdirectory.com 36
54 techblogcorner.com 36
55 onlyinfographic.com 35 44
56 shithot.co.uk 35
57 infographicsonly.com 33 46
58 bestinfographics.info 32
59 infographicsposters.com 31 46
60 infographicplaza.com 30 45
61 amazinginfographics.com 30 39
62 pdviz.com 30 35
63 infographicpost.com 29 43
64 cooldailyinfographics.com 29 42
65 infographic-directory.com 29 39
66 allinfographics.org 29 37
67 revuwire.com 29
68 bestinfographic.co.uk 28 34
69 itsinfographics.com 28 34
70 gifographics.co 28
71 infographicsking.com 28
72 infographicas.com 27 41
73 infographiclove.com 27 40
74 ucollectinfographics.com 26 33
75 styleandflow.com 26 29
76 videoinfographic.com 25
77 backgroundremovalservices.com 24 56
78 infographicdatabase.com 24 39
79 klevvrtech.com 24 23
80 infographicsonline.com 23 38
81 latestinfographics.com 22
82 theworldasflatland.net 21 29
83 infographicsinspiration.com 20 38
84 pureinfographics.com 20
85 galleryr.org 19 37
86 infographic.ca 19 33
87 ratemyinfographic.com 19 29
88 infographicreviews.com 19
89 visulattic.com 18 39
90 dailystatistic.com 18 38
91 infographicsonline.net 18 34
92 airinfographics.com 18 31
93 interestpin.com 18
94 topinfographic.com 17 38
95 shariff.org 17 36
96 infographicexpo.com 17 34
97 zmgraphics.com 17 23
98 infographicheaven.com 16 36
99 omginfographics.com 16 34
100 infographicsamples.com 16 30
101 submitvisuals.com 16 25
102 infographicsubmission.com 15 34
103 discoverinfographics.com 15 33
104 royallogics.com 15 32
105 infographick.com 15 27
106 treegraphic.com 15 24
107 infographic.co.za 14 39
108 infographicpics.com 14 38
109 winfographics.com 14 34
110 sumographic.com 14
111 ucollectinfographics.info 14
112 lkrllc.com 13 37
113 starcartridge.com 12 32
114 infographicden.co.uk 11 30
115 nfogfx.com 11 27
116 infographic.so 10 26
117 clippingpatheye.com 9 27
118 infographicwebsite.com 9 25
119 23hq.com
120 4shared.com
121 500px.com
122 advertiseera.com
123 articles.h1ad.com
124 boredpanda.com
125 classifiedsfactor.com
126 cluster.co
127 datagraphie.com
128 dayviews.com
129 depositfiles.com
130 diigo.com
131 dropbox.com
132 dropr.com
133 edocr.com
134 evernote.com
135 fancy.com
136 file-upload.com
137 files.fm
138 findermaster.com
139 fotolog.com
140 fotor.com
141 fotothing.com
142 giganticlist.com
143 h1ad.com
144 howcube.com
145 imageshack.us
146 indulgy.com
147 info-graphic.co.uk
148 infogra.me
149 infograph.venngage.com
150 issuu.com
151 mediafire.com
152 memeful.com
153 nationalgeographic.com
154 ologames.com
155 pasteboard.co
156 pearltrees.com
157 pexels.com
158 picijo.com
159 scribd.com
160 sendspace.com
161 sharefile.com
162 shutterfly.com
163 smore.com
164 smugmug.com
165 socwall.com
166 soup.io
167 theblogarena.com
168 tinypic.com
169 todayinfographic.com
170 tumblr.com
171 uploadfiles.io
172 viewbug.com
173 visualkiwi.com
174 vk.com
175 wallclassifieds.com


List of Popular Free Infographic Submission Sites List

Want to explore more online marketing strategies and grow your business with the help of an experienced team? Check out our marketing services for businesses.

9gag: https://9gag.com/signup

Add Infographic: http://addinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

Amazing Infographics: http://www.amazinginfographics.com/submit-infographics/

Brandless Blog: http://brandlessblog.com/submit-infographic/

Cool Infographics: http://www.coolinfographics.com/Contact

Data Visualizations: http://datavisualizations.tumblr.com/submit

Dumb Funded: http://www.dumbfunded.co.uk/infographics/submit-your-infographic/

Easel.ly: https://www.easel.ly/auth/register

eLearning Infographics: http://elearninginfographics.com/submit-education-infographics/

flickr: https://www.flickr.com/signup

GOOD: https://www.good.is/infographics (Submit on: submissions@goodinc.com)

Graphs.net: https://graphs.net/submit

Info Carnivore: http://infocarnivore.com/submit-an-infographic/

Infogram: https://infogram.com/signup

Infographic Bee: https://www.infographicbee.com/submit-infographics/

Infographic Expo: http://infographicexpo.com/submit-your-infographic/

Infographic Journal: http://infographicjournal.com/submit-infographics/basic-submission/

Infographic Labs: http://infographiclabs.com/contact/

Infographic Pics: http://infographicpics.com/contact/

Infographic Plaza: http://infographicplaza.com/submit-infographics/

Infographic Portal: https://www.infographicportal.com/submit-infographics/

Infographic Post: http://www.infographicpost.com/submit-an-infographic

Infographic Submission: http://www.infographicsubmission.com/where-to-submit-your-infographic

Infographicals: http://www.infographicals.com/contact-us/

Infographicas: http://www.infographicas.com/

Infographics Archive: http://www.infographicsarchive.com/submit-infographics/

Infographics King: http://www.infographicsking.com/submit-infographic

Infographics Mania: http://infographicsmania.com/infographic-submission/

Infographics Race: http://www.infographicsrace.com/submit/

Infographics Showcase: http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/ (Email contact@infographicsshowcase.com)

Infographix Directory: http://infographixdirectory.com/submit-infographic/

Latest Infographics: http://latestinfographics.com/submit-infographics/

Mashable: http://mashable.com/submit/

News I Like: http://newsilike.in/submit-infographic/

Only Infographic: http://www.onlyinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/upload

Submit Infographic: http://submitinfographic.com/submit-infographic/

Submit Infographics: http://submitinfographics.com/submit-infographics

TechBlogCorner.com: Email admin@techblogcorner.com

Today Infographic: http://todayinfographic.com/submit

Top Infographic: http://topinfographic.com/index.php/submit-infographics/

uCollect Infographics: http://www.ucollectinfographics.com/sign-up/

Visualistan: http://www.visualistan.com/p/submit-infographic.html

Visulattic: http://www.visulattic.com/p/submit-your-work.html

Infographics have proven to be an effective online marketing and lead generation tool, and submitting your infographic to multiple sites from the list above will help get your visual masterpiece early traction and better results.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Infographic Submission Sites

The term, infographic, is a combination of two words – Information + Graphics. It is a technique of representing some information using graphics. Infographic submission is a part of off-page SEO activity, wherein, a link builder and a graphic designer work together. The main goal of this activity is to earn a backlink. The graphic designer would design high-quality infographics and the link builder would find sites that accept infographics and submit them over them.
Infographic Submission is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of creativity & hard work to create eye-catching infographics. What's more, finding free infographic submission sites needs time, as we said earlier. If you or your team knows how to create a high-quality infographic, you have just found a way to a goldmine. It is one of the most effective SEO techniques.

So at the end of our infographic submission sites list, you might be wondering where to submit your awesome infographic from the above sites. They’re all popular infographic submission sites, and each has different use cases. Instead of choosing the best one based on DR for link building purposes, think about which communities your infographic would provide the most value.
Distribution is part of any content marketing strategy, so spend some time thinking about which of these sites you should submit your designs to. A high-value community might mean you need to pay a standard submission fee to publish more infographics or get them published sooner, but it could pay dividends.

There are many advantages to submitting infographics. One of the most obvious is that they are a visual representation of data, which can be more easily understood by people than text alone. They are also a great way to share information concisely and interestingly. You can use them to explain a concept or promote your products and services.
Infographic Submission can do wonders for your business if you know the right way of doing it. Infographics could become an integral part of your marketing strategy in time. If you use the right free infographic submission sites or premium, you can reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. The major advantage of using free infographic submission sites is that you don't have to pay for each infographic submission. It saves you a lot of money as well as time.

  • Select an infographic submission site that you can use to submit your infographic. You can always choose from our list.
  • Write a compelling and creative title for your infographic. Titles are usually the first thing that catches people's attention.
  • Create the infographic using all required formatting. Remember that there are different file types that you need to upload.
  • Once you are done with all the steps, send your infographic to the site for approval.

If you’re looking solution for “Where or how to make an infographic?” then below are some of the known tools where you can learn and make infographics for free. Even, you can get free infographic templates as well.

  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Visme
  • Venngage
  • Infogram
  • Snappa
  • Adobe Express

If you want to maximize the visibility of your infographics online, there are several submission sites that you can use. In addition to popular options like Visual.ly, Slideshare, Flickr, and Pinterest, many other niche sites cater to specific topics or industries.
It’s worth researching these sites to see which ones might be a good fit for your content. To find out more about each site’s domain authority and submission process, simply scroll up for detailed information and links.

Simply, go to any infographic submission website and click on login or signup. After login, click on the submit button and fill in all the required fields. Well, I have also mentioned above some detailed steps for this most asked query of “How do I submit an infographic?”.

To maximize value from infographic submission prices, choose reputable providers with transparent pricing, a strong distribution network, comprehensive services, and insightful reporting. Prioritize quality over cost to achieve desired reach and engagement.

Yes, there are several infographic sites where you can submit your education infographic. Some popular options include Visual.ly, Infogram, and Easel.ly. These platforms specialize in hosting and sharing infographics, providing a dedicated space to showcase your educational visual content.


Final Thoughts:

With infographic submission sites, you get more exposure and high quality backlinks. We hope that this list of free infographic submission sites lessens your task of doing research. Wishing you a very Good Luck with the infographic submission! I hope this list of over 30+ infographic submission sites is helpful for you.

Additionally, you can share your infographics on social bookmarking sites to reach a wider online audience. In my opinion, this SEO practice is essential for businesses and bloggers to maximize their audience reach. Consider including this activity in your SEO implementation or hire me as your SEO consultant to enhance your online business presence.

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