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100+ Best Free Press Release Submission Sites List: Premium & Subscription Based

Press releases are a vital tool for getting you or your brand into the media, in the form of articles, videos, features, and more. This brings a whole host of benefits, including boosting your authority and gaining publicity. However, the process of sending press releases can be tricky, which is where press release submission sites come in.

Whether your budget allows you to go for a premium site, you’re looking for a free option, or you want a subscription-based platform to send out press releases regularly, we’ve got you covered with our picks for the 50 best press release submission sites. Press releases are a fantastic way to help promote anything from seminars and events to businesses. Regardless of the topic, you can easily gain interest with a well-crafted and effective press release. We know that you are interested in free press release submission sites so we have come up with this list.

Now, you can reach your audience without breaking the bank. With this press release submission sites list, you can easily submit your content to any one of these sites for free. This list is all that you need to rank higher on search engines and reach a global audience. But, before we dive into the list of the free press release submission sites, let us go through some facts about the same.


What is a Press Release?

You know it’s vital, but what exactly is a press release? A press release is a piece of news that you want to get out to as many people as possible, and it must conform to very specific rules. The purpose of a press release is to attract attention. The good news is that writing one isn’t difficult; there are only three basic elements: headline, body, and contact information.

In the SEO industry, press releases are a fantastic way to help get traffic to your website. It is not guaranteed traffic but can dramatically increase it if done correctly. A good press release will provide information about your product or service and should also include a link for users to follow which will lead them back to your website.


What are Benefits of Submitting Your Press Release on Free PR Websites?

For starters, press releases are a fantastic way to help promote anything from seminars and events to businesses. They get seen by people who are interested in your company or product and can lead to potential leads, traffic, and sales. If you do it right, they also provide some SEO value by sending some traffic through links back to your website.

By posting on free PR websites, you can save yourself quite a bit of cash over time and still have great exposure for your news story. And with all of these sites on our list offering media submission services for free, there’s no reason not to give them a try.

Improves Link Popularity: It is one of the quickest ways which help you to build backlinks to your site.

Boosts Traffic and Sales: Keyword optimization in the content of PR helps to increase traffic and sales of the site.

Reduces Marketing Costs: It enables search engines to easily find your site; you don’t need to spend much on other online marketing activities.

Online Recognition: It helps you to build an online reputation for your site and the trust of the visitors.

Long-term Benefit: Online press release submission has a long lifespan, so it will work for you for many years to come.


Steps to Submit Free Press Release on PR Sites

Start with crafting a press release. This should be a short and sweet announcement of something newsworthy that has happened in your business or your industry. The content of your press release will likely determine whether it is accepted by free Press Release sites, so make sure to include as much information as possible while still keeping it concise and clear. When you have finished with your PR, you need to submit it to relevant free PR submission sites.

  • Find the press release sites.
  • Visit the site and provide all the required details like username, password, and email ID to create the account.
  • Verify the account.
  • You have to provide the headline, summary, keywords, contact information and other details as required by the site for PR submission.
  • Now, you have to wait for the approval, once your press release is approved by the site, it will be published.
  • Some sites will ask you to buy a package for their services.


Things to Consider When Submitting a Free Press Release

Make sure you are aware of your target audience when submitting a press release. After you’ve published your free press release, search engines will index it and make it available to all of their users. Do some research on how to submit a press release so that you can maximize your SEO potential.

You should also monitor Google Alerts for keywords related to your industry or company name so that you’re aware of what is being said about your business through social media and news sources. If you have had enough information about free press release submission sites, you can effectively choose one that you think will be best for your business. Now, let us have a look at the free press release submission sites list.


Making a Good Press Release

A good press release needs to have certain qualities if you want it to be read, let alone covered by journalists. What makes a good press release?

#1: A press release needs to be newsworthy: Think about it from the perspective of a stranger, or a friend or family member. If you are telling them about what you’re writing a press release about, would they be excited? Alright, so a family member might not be the best test case; they might be excited for you despite not understanding a word you said. Still, newsworthiness is incredibly important.

#2: A press release needs to use your relevant target keywords: Press releases are one of the few areas where keyword density matters, where you can at least think about inserting them more than your usual blog post. After all, you want people to grasp what your company does and what your announcement is about, so they don’t have to go digging to find a topic. Avoid overly-stuffed paragraphs, of course; those just don’t sound natural enough. Humans are reading these, after all.

#3: A press release should have relevant links with good anchor text: Don’t use a typical “click here” anchor, you need something targeted to tell people exactly what the link is for.

Unlike blog posts or guest posts, every link you include in a press release should lead back to your site. They’re one of the few kinds of content you can circulate that is entirely self-promotional, and expected to be. Link to your homepage with a link about who you are, link to your landing page for your new product or service, and perhaps link to one flagship piece of content when discussing why it’s relevant. Beyond that, you shouldn’t need more links.

#4: A press release should include media if allowed: Some press release distributors prefer to just promote text, while others will allow posts with media in them. If you find that a lot of the sites you want to use don’t want you to add media, you can include a link to a “press kit” that contains your sanctioned media.

#5: A press release should be written formally: These are essentially professional disclosures of information, not casual, brand-building blog posts. You’re also writing for people who might not know your industry, so minimize industry jargon advanced assumptions, or data. If you need to reference specific statistics, link to a case study analysis in plain English that supports your point. In all cases, you should be writing in the third person.


List of 100+ Best Emerging Free Press Release Submission Sites List

I hope the guide above about press release submission is clear and helpful for you. Now, we are proceeding to the updated list of free press release submission sites that are useful for SEO. Please find the list below for your reference.

Sr Press Release Submission Sites DA PA
1 npr.org 93 80
2 prnewswire.com 92 76
3 businesswire.com 92 74
4 prweb.com 91 72
5 w.globenewswire.com 87 53
6 betanews.com 85 61
7 mediapost.com 81 63
8 tmcnet.com 80
9 bizcommunity.com 79
10 prlog.org 78 68
11 newswire.com 76 58
12 openpr.com 69 60
13 pr.com 68 65
14 24-7pressrelease.com 66 61
15 webwire.com 66
16 pr-inside.com 65 58
17 realwire.com 63
18 sbwire.com 63
19 einpresswire.com 62 64
20 directionsmag.com 59 55
21 pressreleasepoint.com 59 54
22 accesswire.com 59
23 prleap.com 58 57
24 nanotech-now.com 58
25 prdistribution.com 58
26 send2press.com 57
27 onlineprnews.com 56 55
28 pressat.co.uk 56
29 releasewire.com 56
30 newswiretoday.com 55 54
31 prurgent.com 55 52
32 1888pressrelease.com 54 56
33 pressbox.com 52 56
34 prunderground.com 52
35 ideamarketers.com 51 54
36 prsync.com 51 53
37 pressbox.co.uk 51
38 prbuzz.com 50 54
39 onlywire.com 50 53
40 live-pr.com 50
41 briefingwire.com 49 55
42 emailwire.com 49
43 issuewire.com 48
44 theopenpress.com 46 52
45 webnewswire.com 45 52
46 express-press-release.net 45 50
47 clickpress.com 44
48 free-press-release-center.info 44
49 prfree.org 43 54
50 freeprnow.com 43 53
51 marketpressrelease.com 43 51
52 prfire.co.uk 42 49
53 travpr.com 41 47
54 forpressrelease.com 40 54
55 asiatoday.com 40 48
56 digitalmediaonlineinc.com 40 47
57 xpresspress.com 40
58 pressreleaseping.com 38 51
59 press.abc-directory.com 38
60 presswire.com 37 48
61 pressrelease.com 37
62 prwings.com 36 31
63 blog.freeadstime.org 35
64 pressreleasepost.com 35
65 release-news.com 34 45
66 freepressreleases.co.uk 34 39
67 pr9.net 34
68 cgidir.com 33 49
69 exactrelease.com 33
70 przoom.com 32 50
71 enewswire.co.uk 32
72 webknowhow.net 32
73 linkingnews.com 31
74 blog.yookalo.com 29
75 pressabout.com 29
76 story.wallclassifieds.com 27
77 top10orfree.com 26
78 articles.h1ad.com 23
79 pr4links.com 23
80 article.classifiedsfactor.com 22
81 ologames.com 22
82 powerhomebiz.net 22
83 blogs.findermaster.com 21
84 prbd.net 19
85 article.advertiseera.com 17
86 prnewsdistribution.co.uk 17
87 realtimepressrelease.com 14
88 freeprnews.co.uk 13
89 hungarynewswire.com 11
90 sardnews.org 11
91 blog.shopolop.com 7
92 121pressrelease.com
93 absolutearts.com
94 afreego.com
95 aiim.org
96 amazines.com
97 articlecirculation.com
98 artikel-presse.de
99 aspendailynews.com
100 audiodirectory.nl
101 bignews.biz
102 bizeurope.com
103 blog.giganticlist.com
104 bloggersroad.com
105 bubblews.com
106 business.wesrch.com
107 businessportal24.com
108 calameo.com
109 cision.com
110 clioawards.com
111 daily-chronicle.com
112 dbusiness.com
113 digitalmarketinghints.com
114 discogs.com
115 earthtoys.com
116 easy-pressrelease.com
117 elecdir.com
118 emeapr.com
119 ereleases.com
120 eworldwire.com
121 exactrelease.org
122 filecluster.com
123 free-press-release.com
124 freepressindex.com
125 freepressrelease.com
126 freepressreleasesubmit.com
127 good.is
128 gotomymembers.com
129 groupweb.com
130 gulfcoastnewstoday.com
131 gulfoilandgas.com
132 highwire.org
133 howcube.com
134 i-newswire.com
135 icrowdnewswire.com
136 keysnews.com
137 lacartes.com
138 listfree.org
139 localnews.biz
140 lxer.com
141 mashable.com
142 mediasyndicate.com
143 medindia.net
144 merinews.com
145 newdesignworld.com
146 newpressrelease.com
147 news.eboomwebsolutions.com
148 news.scoopasia.com
149 news.thomasnet.com
150 newsalbum.com
151 newsbox.com
152 newslink.org
153 newssides.com
154 newsvine.com
155 newswire.ca
156 pitchengine.com
157 pr-gb.com
158 press-network.com
159 pressexposure.com
160 pressmethod.com
161 pressreleaser.org
162 pressreleases.kcstar.com
163 prfree.com
164 prhwy.com
165 prmac.com
166 prndirect.prnewswire.com
167 promotionworld.com
168 proskore.com
169 prwindow.com
170 sanepr.com
171 scoopasia.com
172 signindustry.com
173 slashgeo.org
174 socialmediaportal.com
175 storify.com
176 submitpressrelease123.com
177 techexpo.com
178 techprspider.com
179 thomasnet.com
180 transworldnews.com
181 ukprwire.com
182 wesrch.com
183 xpatloop.com
184 yumpu.com


List of Best Free Press Release Submission Sites

  1. PRLog
  2. Express Press Release
  3. PR.com
  4. NewswireToday
  5. PR-Inside
  6. BusinessPortal24
  7. 1888 Press Release
  8. Thomas
  9. Beta News
  10. Press Release Point
  11. The Open Press
  12. Market Press Release
  13. OpenPR
  14. Press Release Post
  15. Pressbox
  16. BriefingWire
  17. Prsync
  18. freePRnow
  19. Web Newswire
  20. For Press Release
  21. PR Urgent
  22. PRFree
  23. Exact Release
  24. PRZoom
  25. Flipboard


List of Best Paid Press Release Submission Sites

  1. NewswireNEXT: http://newswirenext.com/
  2. PR Newswire
  3. Business Wire
  5. eReleases
  7. PRWeb
  8. GlobeNewswire
  9. Presswire
  10. 24-7 Press Release


Advantages of Press Release Submission Sites List

Press release sites offer several advantages for individuals and organizations looking to distribute their news and announcements to a wider audience. Some of the key advantages of using press release sites include:

  1. Increased visibility: Press release sites allow you to reach a broader audience by distributing your press release to a network of journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets. This can help to increase your visibility and reach a larger audience than you could with traditional media outreach.
  2. Cost-effective: Press release sites offer a cost-effective way to distribute your news and announcements, as they are often much cheaper than traditional PR methods such as advertising or hiring a PR agency.
  3. SEO benefits: Press release sites can help to improve your search engine rankings by providing valuable backlinks to your website. These backlinks can improve your website’s authority and help drive traffic to your site.
  4. Analytics tracking: Many press release sites offer analytics tracking tools that allow you to measure the impact of your press release. You can track metrics such as the number of views, clicks, and shares, which can help you refine your outreach strategy in the future.
  5. Media monitoring: Some press release sites offer media monitoring services, which can help you track mentions of your brand or product in the media. This can provide valuable insights into how your news is being received and can help you refine your messaging in the future.

Overall, press release sites can be a valuable tool for individuals and organizations looking to distribute their news and announcements to a wider audience cost-effectively and efficiently.


Disadvantages of Free Press Release Submission Sites

While press release sites offer several advantages, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider. Some of the key disadvantages of using press release sites include:

  1. Limited targeting: Press release sites distribute your press release to a broad network of media outlets, which may not be specifically targeted to your industry or niche. This can lead to your news being overlooked by journalists or media outlets that are not relevant to your audience.
  2. Risk of low-quality distribution: Not all press release sites are created equal, and some may distribute your news to low-quality or spammy websites that can damage your reputation. It’s important to choose a reputable press release site with a proven track record of success.
  3. Overuse: Press release sites can be overused, and journalists may be inundated with press releases from a variety of sources. This can lead to your news being overlooked or ignored, especially if it’s not particularly newsworthy or relevant.
  4. Lack of personalization: Press release sites offer a standardized format for distributing news, which may not allow for personalization or customization of your messaging. This can limit the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and make it more difficult to stand out in a crowded media landscape.
  5. Potential for false claims: Some press release sites may allow for the distribution of false or misleading information, which can damage your credibility and reputation if your news is associated with such practices.

Overall, while press release sites can be a valuable tool for distributing news and announcements, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks and to choose a reputable provider that offers high-quality distribution to targeted media outlets.


Types of Press Release Sites for SEO

There are several types of press release sites that individuals and organizations can use to distribute their news and announcements. Some of the most common types of press release sites include:

  1. Free press release sites: These sites allow users to distribute press releases for free, although they may offer limited distribution or require users to upgrade to a paid plan for additional services.
  2. Paid press release sites: These sites charge a fee for press release distribution, but they typically offer a wider range of distribution options and additional services such as media monitoring, analytics tracking, and targeted outreach.
  3. Industry-specific press release sites: These sites are tailored to specific industries or niches, and they allow users to distribute news and announcements to a targeted audience of journalists and media outlets that are relevant to their industry.
  4. Regional press release sites: These sites focus on specific geographic regions, allowing users to distribute their news to media outlets and journalists in a particular area or region.
  5. Social media press release sites: These sites allow users to distribute their news and announcements through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, helping to increase the reach and visibility of their messaging.

Overall, the type of press release site that individuals and organizations choose will depend on their specific needs and goals, as well as the audience they are trying to reach. It’s important to choose a reputable provider that offers high-quality distribution to targeted media outlets for the best results.


Paid V/S Free Press Release Sites List

Paid and free press release sites both offer benefits and drawbacks for individuals and organizations looking to distribute their news and announcements. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

  1. Distribution: Paid press release sites generally offer wider distribution options than free sites, as they have more resources to invest in reaching a broader audience. However, free press release sites can still provide valuable distribution to a limited audience.
  2. Targeting: Paid press release sites often offer more targeted outreach options, allowing users to reach specific industries, regions, or media outlets. Free press release sites may have more limited targeting capabilities.
  3. Quality of distribution: Paid press release sites typically offer higher-quality distribution to reputable media outlets and journalists, while free sites may distribute news to lower-quality or spammy websites.
  4. Features and services: Paid press release sites typically offer additional features and services such as analytics tracking, media monitoring, and customization options, while free sites may offer limited or no additional services.
  5. Cost: Free press release sites are, as the name suggests, free to use, while paid sites charge a fee for distribution and additional services.

Overall, the choice between paid and free press release sites will depend on the specific needs and goals of the individual or organization. Paid press release sites may be a better option for those looking for wider distribution, more targeted outreach, and additional features and services. However, free press release sites can still provide valuable distribution for those with a limited budget or specific targeting needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Press Release Submission Sites

Press release submission is an off-page SEO activity that is used to publish content that indicates any recent news, product launch, or upcoming events.

Subscription-based press release submission software has the same function as paid press release submission sites. Helping businesses and individuals send their press releases to media outlets. However, instead of clients paying for an individual press release, subscription-based services are for those who want an ongoing relationship with the platform. Many subscription-based submission sites offer a fixed number of outreach efforts every month, along with continued access to other public relations tools.

When you’re in the early stages of a project or a new venture, you may not have unlimited funds to help you with its promotion. This is where the free press release submission sites come in. These platforms let anyone sign up and publish their press release, increasing the chances of journalists or publications stumbling across them directly through the site or via search engine results. In some cases, they may also give you publication on other sites.

Paid press release submission sites are platforms that help you publish your press releases in return for a fee. For a fixed cost, the sites will distribute your press release to their network.
While anyone can send a press release to different sites manually, most of us don’t have the contacts needed to get results from this approach. Most paid press release distribution sites have a vast network of relevant contacts, ensuring that you can get your press release in front of the right eyes to increase your chances of publication. Generally, the more you pay, the better their network is and the more help they offer.

These are the top 10 free press release submission sites to use.

  • Online PR News
  • PR Log
  • Newswire Today
  • PR Free
  • Press Release Point
  • PR Fire
  • 24-7 Press Release
  • PR.com
  • PR Sync
  • Ein Presswire

A press release site is a platform that allows individuals and organizations to distribute news and announcements to a wider audience, including journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets.



In conclusion, navigating the landscape of press release submission sites is crucial for effective media outreach. Whether opting for paid platforms with expansive networks like NewswireNEXT, or leveraging subscription-based services such as HARO, or exploring free options like PRLog and LinkedIn Pulse, each avenue presents unique advantages for amplifying brand visibility.

We just provided you with a list of free press release submission websites that will allow you to submit a press release to them for free. We have put together our list based on several factors, including traffic and website quality. You can submit a press release to any of these websites and they will not charge you anything. Submitting your press releases via these free sites is a great way to increase your exposure, get your message out there, and help build links back to your site too.

These are the best High PR press release submission sites that are used to getting a huge amount of traffic and sales in no time for your Business. They’re more off-page techniques that are used to rank higher in Google. I hope you enjoyed the free press release sites list and if you have any other new press release site that is not listed here then please let us know by Email at ganesh@ganeshkulariya.com.

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