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Top 100+ Free High DA Podcast Submission Sites and Directories List

Nowadays, Podcasting sites are one of the most unique and modern forms of advertising which allow business owners and marketers to reach millions of people rapidly. There are many free podcasting submission sites online that help marketers post audio-visual content along with blog posts on various sites and distribute them all over the world. The podcast refers to a digital audio file that is usually obtainable on the internet. It can be effortlessly downloaded to your PC or Smartphone through Top Podcast Submission Sites.

These podcast submission sites are those sites where marketers or content creators can submit the audio file. These sites convert the audio file into a podcast which users can download to their PCs or laptops. Podcast submission is a powerful off-page SEO approach for promoting your company. It is a straightforward method to create an audio file about your company’s products or services. And then distributing these audio files through the internet via podcast submission platforms.

Submitting podcasts to high DA PR podcast sites allows you to reach a massive potential audience. Because a large number of people frequently visit these podcast hosting websites to get podcast files. You can raise awareness of your company’s brand by submitting a podcast. Furthermore, this method boosts your brand’s web presence to reach the intended demographic.

Podcast submission sites allow you to showcase your podcast files on websites by providing easily accessible links to audio files. Anyone interested in your podcast can download it directly from these podcasting services. These podcast submission websites also support RSS feeds, which allow users to subscribe to your business channel.


What are Uses of Podcasts?

EDUCATION: Podcasts are a great source of knowledge. Learners can easily learn at their own pace without any restriction of time and space. Many students create podcasts for their projects. They are also used by instructors for providing instruction. Students interested in creating podcasts will get the opportunity to enhance their creativity. Students interested in listening to the podcasts can learn a lot beyond school books like history, health, lifestyle, and other things they are interested in.

PUBLIC SERVICES: Podcasts are used for sharing local news and issues. They are also used for audio tours of museums and cities.

MARKETING: Digital marketers and business owners also use podcasts to create brand awareness. Creating valuable content related to your business and gathering information about customers’ needs will help the business grow. They are an effective way to market your products and services. For example: If you have a business related to fashion and design, then you can create valuable content related to topics like the Latest trends, ethnic wear, dresses every wardrobe should have, etc. Having conversations with fashion influencers in podcasts will help to increase brand loyalty.


Benefits of Podcast Submission Sites

Podcasting submission sites allow the businessman to control various tasks like training employees, demonstration of products, and information updates to the customers through an online platform. So, this will help to deliver a high level of service to a huge audience at affordable rates.

Also, podcast submission sites can open up new modes of communication between your business and customers, which allows the customers to reach your products and services with more paths. Following are some of the major benefits podcasting sites offer. It is an excellent SEO tool that can assist you with the way your company appears on the internet. Here are some of the advantages. Podcasts can help you connect with your audience. It provides the audience with a sense of familiarity.

They have a strong connection with the presenter. This encourages listeners to interact with the company. This contributes to increased revenue.

This is not a difficult task. It does not necessitate any difficult steps. Podcast submission is a low-cost method of engaging with the audience and attracting them to the company. They seem to increase their public speaking abilities. Regularly listening to podcasts can enhance confidence.

High-quality equipment is required to be a good speaker and practice podcast submission. If you understand what podcast submission is, you can benefit your business. Regularly recording and uploading podcasts might help you develop your public speaking skills. To improve your skills, you should understand what podcast submission in SEO is and how to use it effectively.

1 – Confidential Connection: By connecting millions of people with your business, podcasting sites can help your business build personal relations with customers, which allows you to sell more products and services.

2 – Convenient Mode of Advertising: Podcasts are very easy to understand and operate. Nowadays, people carry a full library of podcasts on their phones. So, you should use various podcast sites for advertising your business so that people can listen, view, or read your content on the go and connect with you.

3 – Affordable and Fast: Podcast submission sites are very affordable, and most of them are free. So, you can set up your initial podcasts at a very low price. Before setting up your initial podcasts, you must search for the top podcast sharing sites list, which enables you to choose the best ones for your business.

4 – Widely Used: Nowadays, almost every online business produces podcasts and has tons of listeners and audience. Also, the podcasts are laser-focused and hence prevent saturation of content. So, it’s always a good decision to choose podcast submission sites to promote the business.

5 – Easy Upload of Audio and Video Files: Sometimes, editing or drafting blog posts seems to be a tedious task. So, you can quickly upload the audio files and post them with a quick and good description. This can help to provide new and quality content to the audience quickly.


How Should You Promote Your Podcast?

There are numerous strategies to market your podcast. The podcast is mostly used by digital marketers all over the internet. That is why you must understand how to capitalize and begin using podcasts to market your brand.

I’ll show you the most important techniques to promote your podcast in the sections below. However, you must choose prominent platforms with high authority and internet reputation to promote your business. This increases your chances of reaching a large portion of your target audience.

  1. Share the link on social media: Brand awareness is critical for firms marketing on social media platforms. When you publish links on several social media networks, you may maximize the exposure of your podcast. Your followers will be able to view and listen to your podcast as a result.
  2. Make Contact with Other Podcasters: Conduct a search for the top podcasters in your niche-related industry and collaborate with them. You can collaborate with them by co-creating some episodes of your podcast. You may be able to earn some traffic from these prominent podcasters by doing so.
  3. Promote your podcast using an email newsletter: Another strategy to stay relevant is to send out an email newsletter to your target group. You can send them vital information about the upcoming episode’s release date. You can increase the number of visitors to your website by doing so.
  4. Submit your podcast to podcast submission sites: The purpose of this essay is to present you with a list of the top podcast websites. You may enhance the reach of your podcast by submitting it to these free podcast submission platforms.

Top podcast sites have a significant number of users, which means you can attract a lot of traffic to your site. However, if you want to attain the best results, you must create relevant and compelling podcasts.


List of Top High DA Podcast Submission Sites List for Quality Backlinks


Podcast Submission Sites

1 100 62
2 100
3 100
4 100
5 99 80
6 94
7 94
8 93
9 92
10 89
11 89
12 88
13 88
14 87
15 87
16 86
17 83
18 83
19 82
20 77
21 76
22 73
23 68
24 68
25 66
26 66
27 65
28 64
29 61
30 59
31 59
32 57
33 56
34 56
35 54
36 52
37 46
38 44
39 43 28
40 42
41 41 29
42 40
43 38
44 38
45 38
46 34
47 33 24
48 32
49 29 38
50 28
51 28
52 26 20
53 25 17
54 25
55 19 35
56 19 23
57 18
58 18 19
59 15 21
60 13 27
61 13
62 12 20
63 9 20


Top Best Podcast Submission Sites List

  1. Google Podcasts:
  2. Podbean:
  3. Apple Podcasts:
  4. Acast:
  5. Buzzsprout:
  6. Castbox:
  7. iHeartRadio:
  8. Pocket Casts:
  9. RadioPublic:
  10. SoundCloud:
  11. TuneIn:
  12. Amazon Music:
  13. Audioboom:
  14. Blubrry:
  15. Podomatic:
  16. Spotify for Podcasters:
  17. Spreaker:
  18. Stitcher:
  19. Captivate:
  20. Listen Notes:
  21. Pandora:
  22. Player FM:
  23. Blog Talk Radio:
  24. Squarespace:
  25. Fireside:
  26. Simplecast:
  27. Podcasts:
  28. Hub Hopper:
  29. Manicpod:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Podcast Submission Sites

The visitors can download the podcasts from the Podcast Directory Sites List and listen to the downloaded podcasts through the portable media player available on your website. Now these days, most business website owners are rendering these kinds of audio files to yield a profit. If you can post it to the Top Podcast Submission Sites, the effect will be truly valuable.
Free podcast sites list is such an online space where you’ll be able to submit your podcast file. You can say it is posting an audio file which is a better understanding for the users. Interesting and popular audios come in more searching which helps in increasing clicks.

There are many ways to promote the podcast to grow your business. Below mentioned are some of the best ideas to promote the podcast.

  • Sharing Links on Social Media Platforms
  • Connecting with other podcasters
  • Create a Video version of your podcasts
  • Submit your data to podcast directories

Implementing podcast submission sites into your content marketing strategy offers a number of benefits to your business.

  • Establishing an Authoritative Presence and a firm Connection With an Audience
  • Promoting brand responsiveness and time-efficient form of communication
  • More clicks could be gained.

The video version of your podcasts is more valuable as today people more often search for YouTube videos of numerous films, serials, and many special favorites

Strong backlinks on different sites like social media sites, social bookmarking sites, and other public popular directories could be more profitable.

If you want to create and post your podcasts, then you can submit audio files to podcast submission sites. There are various podcasts submission websites, you can use for sharing them. If you do not want to spend money, then you can post your podcasts to free podcast submission sites.
Free podcast submission sites also have a huge audience base. You can increase traffic to your podcasts by submitting files on podcast submission sites. If you have your website, then also you should submit your podcast files to podcast directory submission sites.

Multiple reasons explain why one should choose a podcast submission site.

  • These sites simplify the task of making your audio available to people.
  • Submitting your podcasts, talk shows, etc., also eases with podcast sharing sites.
  • Audio is one of the most powerful tools in the world of entertainment and knowledge. Most people and youngsters love to listen to things more than watch. Thus, getting the help of audio submission websites can help you considerably in attracting attention.

People choose audio files over visuals because they are easily downloadable. The top audio submission sites offer all these benefits to a person. Once you realize what these sites offer, you will wish to submit your audio for the results. It brings us to a discussion on how one can use audio submission websites.

The simplest answer is that you need to submit your show’s RSS link to podcast directories. How to find your RSS feed link depends on which hosting platform your podcast is on. You’ll need to check with your podcast host to find your unique RSS feed URL and have it on hand before submitting your show to any directory.
Submitting your RSS feed to a podcast directory is a one-time action; after that, the directory automatically updates with each of your new episodes. We’ll get into specific details about submitting your RSS feed to various podcast directories below.


Final Words

Making quality content needs so much dedication and effort, but to advertise the content, it’s always imperative to choose the correct platform. Now, free podcast submission sites have enabled marketers to post their audio-visual content and market it on the go. So, if you are a business owner then, you must surely use podcasting sites for advertising the business and also to drive traffic to your sites.

Creating podcasts takes a lot of dedication. Submitting podcasts to podcast submission websites will help you to increase traffic and audience base. Podcast listing sites are best for the submission of your audio files. So make restrictions and choose from the list of popular podcast sites above to start your submission campaign. Using these sites, you can get across to many potential audiences, thus increasing traffic.

Podcast submission websites are a great way to get your show heard. They provide easy access to a large number of podcast directories, making it simple and quick to submit your show. Plus, most sites offer bonus features like submission tracking and feedback, which can help you improve your show as you go.

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