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1500+ Best Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites to Build Backlinks & Traffic

Your hunt for a comprehensive list of free guest blogging websites to increase your exposure and link-building is over. For the majority of website owners, SEO is the most desired source of traffic. What’s the best way to generate more search traffic from Google? Link building! Why? Search engines like Google give top priority to websites with lots of links. That is why first-page rankings for authority sites are common. So, what’s the best way to build backlinks? If you said “guest posting,”  you’re 100% right.

You may publish your guest articles on over 300 free guest blogging sites without having to spend a dime by using the links provided in this post. To save more time on guest writing, are you trying to find a guest posting agency? Then, we recommend you check out an amazing platform called GK Digital. GK Digital is a guest posting agency that can be used by both publishers and buyers. As a buyer, you can get high-quality guest posts and relevant backlinks from over 25,000 publishers.

As a publisher, you can publish quality blog posts from buyers. So it’s a win/win approach. You can use the following link to register for free and get a $15 bonus. Having trouble finding sites where you can guest post for free? Well, why don’t you take advantage of guest posting services? They’ll do outreach and contact the publisher for you. In short, they will help you gain a backlink by posting a guest post on a high quality publisher site.


Idea Behind Guest Posting

If you want your rankings and position to rise, you must therefore focus on the top guest post websites with a high Domain Authority (DA). The higher the DA, the better the quality of the linkbacks. Guest blogging is a form of marketing that helps you build links, create new content, and get exposure. You can use this for link building or SEO purposes. The goal of guest blogging is to increase your site’s domain authority. To succeed at guest blogging, you need to be able to produce high-quality content that is in line with your industry.

The easiest way to get started with guest blogging is to find opportunities on other sites and pitch them the idea of having you write a post for their site. You can offer to write a guest post for their website in exchange for them publishing your content on their blog, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you. Determining how high your domain authority (DA) is and how many websites link to and regard your content as authoritative are two important aspects of the process. 


Great Guest Blogging Strategy Benefits

For those who are unaware of this effective brand-building tactic or are still investigating it, let’s have a look at what you can anticipate when you provide your websites with those highly sought-after backlinks from reputable websites: 

  • Building Backlinks
  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Establishing Authority and Credibility
  • Expanding Your Network

Accessing New Audiences: There are a couple of ways through which this can be done; however, submitting blogs on related websites is still one of the most effective techniques out there.  By doing this, you will reach a completely new audience as you draw in qualified traffic that is eager to learn more about what you have to offer, as opposed to aiming blindly.  

Builds Brand Value and Trust: Ever since social media and blogging went big, traditional marketing tactics have been rendered less effective. It’s important to first build brand value and trust, which are more likely to pull more people your way.

Generation of Leads: After establishing a strong online presence for your business and gaining access to that new audience pool, you should see a decline in false positives and an increase in qualified leads who are interested in what you have to offer.  


How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Now that we’ve highlighted the benefits of guest posting, the next step is to discover suitable platforms where you can contribute your content.  Here’s a how-to guide for efficiently locating guest posting opportunities:

Researching Niche-Relevant Blogs: Start by identifying blogs within your niche that align with your expertise and target audience. A simple online search or using specialized tools can help you discover blogs that accept guest contributions. Look for blogs that share similar themes, interests, and values to ensure your content resonates with their readers.

Guest Posting Platforms: A number of websites function as central hubs where blogs looking for material can find guest writers. Sites such as everythinginclick.com and relationstatus.com offer a single location where bloggers can locate possibilities for guest writing and where blog owners can identify possible contributors. Make a profile, highlight your experience, and look into possibilities that fit your niche. 

Building Relationships with Blog Owners: While digital platforms can be instrumental, building personal relationships remains a potent strategy. Engage with blog owners and authors within your industry on social media platforms. Participate in discussions, share insights, and gradually establish rapport. This personal connection can open doors to guest posting opportunities and make your pitches more compelling.

Techniques for Outreach and Pitching: After creating a quality guest post, the next stage is to properly pitch it to blogs that might be willing to host it. Successful outreach can make the difference between a guest post being accepted or overlooked. Here are some strategies for effective pitching:

Crafting a Compelling Pitch: Your pitch is essentially your introduction to the blog owner, so make it count. Make your outreach emails more individualized by using the blog owner’s name and really expressing interest in their posts. Explain in detail how your guest article fits with their blog’s themes and why it would be beneficial to their readers.

Following Up Professionally: After sending your initial pitch, don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive an immediate response. Follow up politely and professionally, reiterating your interest and highlighting the value your guest post can bring to their readers. Persistence, coupled with professionalism, can significantly improve your chances of securing a guest posting opportunity.

Building Long-Term Relationships: Guest posting is not just a one-off transaction; it’s an opportunity to build lasting relationships within your industry. Once your guest post is published, express gratitude to the blog owner and continue engaging with them. Offer to reciprocate by hosting guest posts on your blog or collaborating on other projects. Building a network of mutually beneficial relationships can open doors to future opportunities.


Top 500+ Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks

This is the definitive list of well-known blogs in various genres that welcome guest contributions. I have included the guest posting policies, contact information, Ahrefs Rank, and Domain Rating (DR) for each blog. The following list contains blogs in Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web design, Web Development, Finance, Technology, and Health industries that are accepting guest posts.


Sr Guest Posting DA
1 theguardian.com 95
2 wsj.com/articles/oped-guidelines-for-the-wall-street-journal-1384383173 94
3 mashable.com/contact-us 93
4 psychologytoday.com/intl/writers-guidelines 93
5 blog.hubspot.com/marketing-guest-blogging-guidelines 92
6 lifehacker.com/want-to-contribute-to-lifehacker-1174273961 92
7 venturebeat.com/guest-posts/ 92
8 inc.com/about/contact_us.html 92
9 politico.com/magazine/write-for-us 92
10 elearnmag.acm.org/write-for-us.cfm 91
11 searchengineland.com/how-to-become-a-guest-contributor 91
12 articles.mercola.com/submit/ 90
13 lodestar.asu.edu/content/write-us 90
14 indiewire.com/contact-us/ 90
15 investing.com/about-us/editorial-guidelines 90
16 smashingmagazine.com/write-for-us/ 90
17 readwrite.com/contributor-guidelines/ 87
18 semrush.com/blog/ 87
19 creativebloq.com/news/write-creative-bloq-contributor-network-612326 86
20 hongkiat.com/blog/write-for-us/ 86
21 mamamia.com.au/submissions/ 86
22 mindbodygreen.com/contribute 86
23 sitepoint.com/write-for-us/ 86
24 yourtango.com/submissions 86
25 getresponse.com/blog/write-for-us 85
26 outbrain.com/blog/guest-blogging-guidelines/ 85
27 webdesignerdepot.com/write-for-us/ 85
28 cafemom.com/about/contribute.php 84
29 alistapart.com/about/contribute/ 83
30 fashionista.com/2010/04/like-to-write-like-us-want-to-intern 83
31 abovethelaw.com/2016/08/how-you-can-write-for-above-the-law/ 82
32 boardingarea.com/ 82
33 digital-photography-school.com/write-for-digital-photography-school/ 82
34 oilprice.com/write-for-oilprice 82
35 hindawi.com/journals/jfq/guidelines/ 82
36 tasteofhome.com/help/contributor-guidelines-and-faqs/ 82
37 biggerpockets.com/contact-us 81
38 contentmarketinginstitute.com/blog/blog-guidelines/ 80
39 additudemag.com/contact-us/contributors-guidelines/ 80
40 allbusiness.com/guest-post-overview 80
41 hercampus.com 80
42 jeffbullas.com/writing-process-guidelines/ 80
43 socialmediaexaminer.com/writers/ 80
44 socialmediatoday.com/contribute/ 80
45 thisiscolossal.com/submissions/ 80
46 contactmusic.com/page/writeforus 79
47 webdesignledger.com/contact/ 79
48 onegreenplanet.org/write-for-us-2/ 79
49 success.com/contact-us/ 79
50 gettingsmart.com/gettingsmart/guest-submission-guidelines-and-policies/ 78
51 marketingprofs.com/write-for-us 78
52 opendemocracy.net/en/ 78
53 seroundtable.com/contact.php 78
54 offbeatbride.com/submissions/guestpost/ 76
55 elephantjournal.com/write/ 76
56 wordplop.com 76
57 creately.com/blog/write-for-us/ 75
58 inspirationfeed.com/guest-writing/ 75
59 tim.blog/guest-post/ 75
60 activistpost.com/contact-us 74
61 wisebread.com/make-money-writing-for-wise-bread 73
62 disneyfoodblog.com/disney-food-blog-guest-post-guidelines/ 72
63 foxnewsflip.com/write-for-us 72
64 mysearchplace.com 72
65 stoptazmo.com 72
66 coschedule.com/write-for-us/ 71
67 masstamilan.tv 71
68 socialmediaweek.org/news/write-for-us/ 71
69 speckyboy.com/contribute-an-article/ 71
70 financesonline.com/write-for-us/ 70
71 getdailybuzz.com 70
72 lifestylemission.com 70
73 snappernews.com/write-for-us 70
74 malluweb.info 69
75 hostelbookers.com/blog/travel/write-for-us/ 69
76 ideafit.com/publications/author-guidelines/ 69
77 milwaukeemag.com/writers-guidelines-milwaukee-magazine/ 69
78 workingmother.com/home/working-mother-magazine-writers-guidelines 69
79 constructionscope.net 68
80 articles.bplans.com/authors/ 68
81 mixitem.com 68
82 p8t.net 68
83 alltechbuzz.net/contact/ 68
84 thepostcity.com 68
85 blog.dlvrit.com/write-for-us/ 67
86 delascalles.com 67
87 fashionsinfo.com 67
88 internationalliving.com/about-il/write-for-il/ 67
89 timebusinessnews.com 67
90 agorapulse.com/write-for-us 67
91 motherearthliving.com/ 67
92 thesitsgirls.com/submit-blog-tips/ 67
93 t-nation.com/support/editorial-guidelines 67
94 tenocation.com 66
95 blogengage.com/ 66
96 bnguestblog.com 66
97 moneysavingmom.com/guest-post-submission-form/ 66
98 sensongs.xyz 66
99 theplanetd.com/write-for-theplanetd/ 66
100 toriavey.com/submission-guidelines/ 66


How Can I Write Guest Post that Gets People to Read It? 

Without a doubt, the subject you decide on for your guest post will determine whether or not it is successful. So spend quality time coming up with rock-solid guest post ideas, and here are a few quick tips for you!

Think Like a Reader: Before starting to write your guest post, analyze the blog audience to easily find out what type of content works for them. Review the blog’s comment section, social media profiles, etc. to know what they like and dislike.

Investigate the Blog Briefly. You can look through the popular posts or archive pages of the blog where you want to contribute as a guest writer. That way, you can come up with some topic ideas where you can add some unique angles to get your guest posts accepted.

Utilize Websites Such as Quora: Millions of users use Quora, the leading Q&A site in the world, which may also be utilized to generate ideas for topics. You can get ideas for guest post topics by searching Quora for popular and trending questions related to your niche.

Do Extensive Research: To write a guest post that goes viral online, you need to do extensive research. You can’t spend an hour researching to write a guest post because that kind of content rarely gets any attention. Use the following tips, and you’ll be able to create a successful guest post.

Make Intelligent Use of Google Search Strings: The following search phrases can be used to locate guest post-accepting websites in your business.

  • “guest post submission guidelines” + topic name
  • “contributor” + topic name
  • “submit guest post” + “keyword”
  • “insurance blog” + “write for us”
  • “guest post” + topic name
  • “write for us” + topic name (example: write for us + fashion)
  • “submit guest post”+home
  • “submit guest post” + “education”
  • “become a guest author” + topic name
  • “submit guest post” + “keyword” (example: write for us + business)

Read Guest Post Guidelines: Before writing a guest post for any website, you must know what kind of content they publish and what guest posting guidelines they follow. Therefore, before you ever approach someone about pitching your guest articles, make sure to read the guest blogging requirements.


Guest Posting Checklist

This is a 10-point guide that will help you write a guest post that is compelling enough to go viral and beyond.

Employ a Captivating Bio: Ensure that the author bio you use in your guest posts (usually near the conclusion) is captivating and distinct from the rest. In addition, link to any landing page rather than the homepage where you can collect leads.

Answering Comments: After your guest post appears on other websites, make sure you take the time to go through each one and give your thoughts in response.

Express Gratitude to Blog Owner: As soon as your guest post appears, send an email expressing your gratitude to the owner of the blog for allowing your posts to be published. The majority of people do not do this, but this easy ruse makes connections and fosters a strong rapport with them.

Mention Other Bloggers: For other bloggers to know that you are the one who has named-dropped them in your tweets or Facebook shares, make sure to mention and tag them in any blog posts you link to or content from your guest posts.

Use Your Best Content: One of the biggest mistakes writers make when contributing to guest posts is to send subpar content instead of their best work. It makes no sense to engage in that practice because, wherever you write, your goal should always be to assist others with your content.

Edit Like Pro: Nobody, not even the blog owner, will appreciate a guest post that contains grammar errors. Therefore, go over your guest post again to eliminate any unnecessary words, and use Grammarly or another tool to identify and correct any mistakes. Instead of linking, do it for relationships: Do not create guest posts just to get traffic or links. You will succeed if you use it to establish connections with other bloggers!

Provide your Guest Post in Appropriate Format: Most blog editors and publishers have guidelines on how to format posts. You can also email them to inquire about the formats that work best for them.

Share it Several Times: As soon as your guest post is live, be sure to tweet about it and share it on Facebook groups several times a week. This aids in gaining some traction and more readers for your guest posts.

Continue: Whether or not guest posts benefit you, do not stop producing them. Try it for a few months at minimum to see how much of an impact guest posting is truly making for you.


Accept Guest Post / Write For Us

We are accepting Guest Post on our punnaka.com website for all categories. You can share your content with us at ganesh@ganeshkulariya.com

We will publish your content on our punnaka.com website and give the live URL to you on priority. Please make sure, your content is unique and plagiarism free. If you share duplicate content, then we will not publish it on our website.

Terms and Conditions for Writing for Us or Guest Posting:

  • Content should be at least 1000 words.
  • Accept only original, Plagiarism-Free content.
  • Content needs to be proofread.
  • There must be no spelling or grammar errors in the content.
  • The content should not be published anywhere else.
  • Links number of links should not be more than 2 in one Article blog, etc.
  • We do not accept Casino, Gambling, Cryptocurrency, CBD Post) etc.
  • While sharing content, add a featured Image.
  • Please add one internal link to the post. It’s necessary to publish your blog/article.
  • Please don’t post 18+ content or images.
  • We have the right to edit or remove any post that violates our policies. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Guest Posting Sites

Guest posting is writing content for other people's blogs in return for backlinks. You’ll write an article and post it on someone else’s blog with your author bio (by linking to your site). Guest posting means writing and publishing a piece of content in the form of an article or a blog on someone else's website or blog. Therefore, guest posting is an off-page activity that you can do to build a backlink on a domain with a lot of authority.

If you search on the internet, you will find a list of paid and free guest posting sites, like we have. Once you submit your guest posts, they will be reviewed by the website administrator. And if they meet the guidelines, the administrator will approve your guest post. Every guest posting site has different guidelines. So, it is important to go through the guest post submission guidelines properly for every website that you choose for guest posting.

Before you start guest blogging, have a clear goal in mind and identify the websites to guest blog on. Depending on whether you are trying to generate qualified leads, pitch a product or service, or establish a reputation for your brand, this will assist you in determining the appropriate course of action. We strongly advise you to begin with the blogs that you have been reading and following for some time (only make sure they are pertinent to the subjects you write about on your website or blog). Google is another tool you may use to look for guest posting opportunities. 

Absolutely! Guest posting is still one of the most viable methods of getting valuable backlinks that help enhance your website’s domain authority over time. You can expand your readership, hone your writing abilities, and raise your profile online by guest posting. It's a valuable strategy for growing your online presence.

You can obtain beneficial backlinks pointing to your website by publishing guest articles. These links increase the domain authority of your website over time, which in turn results in more qualified leads coming your way. The biggest reason is SEO benefits, as guest blogging on other sites allows you to attract quality and relevant links to your site. Not only that, it also helps you build your network and improve personal branding, which all help you increase your search rankings in the long run.

everythinginclick.com and relationstatus.com are the best websites that accept guest posts for free. Guest blogs on technology, business, education, health, and lifestyle are all welcome.

Email Your Content to - info@relationstatus.com or info@everythinginclick.com

There are 3 major benefits to guest blogging.

→ Useful for SEO (because you’ll be building quality do-follow links from other blogs that are relevant to your site’s niche)

Guest blogging allows you to establish connections with other bloggers.

→ It provides you with visitors, email subscribers, and leads.

The answer to this question is "Guidelines.".  You won't run into any issues if you adhere to and compose your blog or article per the guest posting sites' standards. Another thing that improves the chances of approval for your guest post is grammar. Grammar is the major problem that most of us face while writing, whether it’s a blog or an article.

After editing your article, you should have a look at the grammar, and if there are any corrections required, take care of them. You can check your articles and blogs for grammatical errors by using one of the many free grammar checkers available online.


Key Takeaway

In conclusion, guest posting remains a potent strategy for expanding your reach, building authority, and fostering valuable connections within your industry. Including guest posting in your content marketing toolkit can set you up for long-term success as the digital landscape develops. Guest blogging is a potent tool for developing a person’s or brand’s online presence.

For this reason, if you want the long-term results of your internet marketing efforts, you must incorporate them into your content strategy. It helps you stand out from the competition and improve brand memory among your target market. In a nutshell, it’s a long-term strategy that pays off big time once you have fully unleashed its potential and established yourself as a voice that others trust and respect.

Good luck, and happy guest posting! Although there are a ton of guest blogging platforms out there, we picked only the best. We frequently update this list with new websites that welcome guest articles, so be sure to bookmark it. Which guest blogging websites are your favorites, and did we overlook them? Please share your suggestions in the comments section.

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