1700+ Top Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List {Boost Rankings and Backlinks} - Ganesh Kulariya

1700+ Top Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List {Boost Rankings and Backlinks}

1700+ Top Free High DA Directory Submission Sites List {Boost Rankings and Backlinks} - Ganesh Kulariya

Are you looking for the best directory submission sites to build quality links for your website? In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses and bloggers must expand their online presence. As you know, directory submission is one of the most used Off-Page SEO techniques to boost visibility and improve site rankings. I’m excited to share with you over 5000+ of these sites to take your web presence to new heights!

In this article, I have listed the top 10 directories. Do directories still have value? Not as high as it used to be but still you can use these directories to submit your website and improve branding. In earlier days, direction submission used to be a popular SEO tactic but it does not hold importance like the past.

Today, Google is more intelligent than years before, with lots of new algorithm changes, the most recent, being the Page Experience update. While links are still one of the top-ranking factors but still, Google doesn’t see all links in the same way. Links from a web directory submission are less powerful as compared to a contextual link from a high-authority website. It adds more value if its niche is specified.

But it doesn’t mean that web directories are useless. Web directories provide some sort of ranking signal, especially for local businesses. Directory submission sites offer numerous benefits that contribute to your online success and increased search visibility. Not only do they provide valuable backlinks for SEO purposes, but they also increase the probability of attracting targeted traffic. Even when I build my new websites, I always use directory submission sites for building foundational links for my website.


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Understanding Directory Submission Sites

When it comes to increasing visibility and improving SEO ranking, directory submission is one of the essential techniques we can rely on. Now, let’s take a closer look at how directory submission works and why it’s really important for your website.

Directory submission sites involve adding your website’s URL along with other relevant information like site title, description, and category to web directories. These websites act like a database by grouping similar types of websites under specific categories so users can easily find your website based on their preferences.


Benefits of Using Directory Submission Websites

But before we go through the top sites, there are a few things you should be aware of. These directory submission websites offer many benefits that we have already covered, but in case you are still unsure, here’s a summary of the main benefits of using them:

Quality Over Quantity: Instead of building links on every type of directory submission site, focus on submitting your sites to renowned names. This will yield better results both in terms of SEO and attracting visitors.

Niche-Specific Directories: Whenever possible, we highly recommend submitting your website to niche-relevant directories. It will provide better-targeted traffic and higher conversion rates to you!

Manual Submission: I’ve often seen people and businesses ordering gigs from Fiverr and Legiit for this foundation link-building. However, I recommend manual submission for better accuracy and to ensure all details are properly filled.

Increasing Website Authority: Increasing your website’s search engine ranking (SERP) is the primary and most significant advantage of using directory submission sites. Both your website’s domain authority (DA) and overall SERP ranking can be enhanced by visiting these websites.

Boosts Keyword Ranking: What website owner does not want their main keyword to appear at the top of search engine results pages? Heck, even I do! Using directory submission sites also has this advantage. More importantly, it helps you optimize the keywords on your website for search engines and your posts/services.

Helps to Quickly Index Your Website: I can not believe how quickly Google indexes an article I write for TheGuideX—it only takes a few seconds. The advantage of building high-quality backlinks for your website and utilizing directory submission sites together is—I know you are thinking I am crazy.

Aids in Raising Targeted Traffic: As was previously mentioned, quality directory submission websites can raise conversion rates by drawing targeted traffic to your website. Most significantly, since they are actively looking for the products or services you offer, visitors to your website via these websites are more likely to become customers.

The following are some things HeySERP typically looks at before adding links to these websites:

  • Researching and creating a list of directory sites that fit us better.
  • Filtering them based on Moz Spam score and SEMrush ranking.
  • Further filtering them based on FREE, PAID, and RECIPROCAL links.
  • Let our writers write custom titles, descriptions, and other feedback based on them to avoid duplicity.
  • Performing action based on our strategies, including LINKS/DAY ratio, ANCHOR TEXT/LINKS ratio, etc.

List of High DA Directory Submission Sites List

In the vast world of search engine optimization (SEO) tips, directory submission is one of the oldest methods yet a crucial way for boosting the online visibility of a website. To save you from hectic research, here I’m sharing the list of the best directory sites that offer a remarkable platform to help your website rank higher in SERP. Now you will find here the top directory submission sites list with DA, PA, and Spam score details. You can start submissions one by one with the highest domain authority website.


Sr Directory Submission Sites
1 vipdirectory.com.ar
2 lambusango.com
3 ontheweblisted.com
4 sercm.org
5 ananar.com
6 landscapeyourfinance.com
7 piratedirectory.org
8 keyadir.com
9 sfcomplex.com
10 directoryblogging.com
11 businesswebdirectory.info
12 poordirectory.com
13 fozzeyandvanc.com
14 sageshark.com
15 linksofchoice.com
16 bizfire-directory.com
17 executivedirectory.neobacklinks.net
18 homepagedeal.com
19 prolink-directory.com
20 mirivan.com
21 umoz.org
22 karnataka.seofriendly.com.ar
23 10directory.info
24 feedup.info
25 valuedbusinesslistings.com
26 filixy.com
27 ahmedabad.backlinkpower.com.ar
28 dmozgoogle.com
29 mightyontheweb.com
30 premium.submitlink.com.ar
31 mccregion6.net
32 directoryfever.com
33 seo5t.ne
34 abizdirectory.com
35 list-your-website.com
36 cogizz.com
37 awebindex.com
38 siteinformatics.com
39 jasminedirectory.com
40 sizzlingdirectory.com.neobacklinks.net
41 taurusdirectory.com
42 web-linking.com
43 webdirectoryhealth.com
44 playimportantrole.com
45 newworldindex.com
46 pulso.org
47 addtodirectories.com
48 postfreedirectory.com
49 sortingtheweb.com
50 linkdir4u.com
51 reportedsites.com
52 10directory.com
53 smallbusinessdirectoryuk.co.uk
54 finditnowdirectory.com.au
55 a1directorysearch.com
56 geoall.com
57 worldofbiz.net
58 suicidepreventionhelp.com
59 directory4321.com
60 vip-pro.com
61 bigbluedirectory.com
62 exampledir.com
63 1235directory.com
64 directory.r-tt.com
65 directoryworld.net
66 daduru.com
67 webpageurls.com
68 indexpawn.com
69 5submission.com
70 ecesummit.com
71 bestbuydir.com
72 1waylinkbuilding.co.uk
73 projectcollabmanila.com
74 rowma.com
75 financedmoz.com
76 hyderabad.backlinkbeat.com
77 outlineyoururl.com
78 cyanlist.com
79 londovor.com
80 directorypink.com
81 moonsunfavor.neobacklinks.net
82 cawausa.neobacklinks.net
83 hdvconnect.com
84 arcwm.org
85 traveltourismdirectory.net
86 linkscritic.org
87 linkdirectory.info
88 bedwan.com
89 addyourwebsite.neobacklinks.net
90 stoffelix.com
91 quoteabyss.com
92 pinochos.net
93 prsl.info
94 wewebware.com
95 companyprofile.us
96 a1webdirectory.org
97 heydirectory.com
98 hottestblogs.com
99 remsisdir.com
100 inciso.net


List of High DA SaaS Directory Submission Sites List

Site Name SaaS Directory Submission Sites
ChatGPT Demo https://chatgptdemo.com/
Supertools https://supertools.therundown.ai
ToolsAI.net https://toolsai.net
Machine-Mastery https://machine-mastery.com/
Al Tool Hunt https://www.aitoolhunt.com
Marsx’s Al Startups https://www.marsx.dev/ai-startups
Easy With Al https://easywithai.com
AI News Guru https://ainews.guru/
Uneedbest https://uneedbest.com
SaaS GPTers https://saasgpters.com
Startup Al Tools https://www.startupaitools.com
DiscoverTools.io https://discovertools.io
Tools Story https://toolsstory.net/
GPT Academy https://gptacademy.co
AlSpotter https://aispotter.io
AIGadget https://aigadget.io
Every-AI https://every-ai.com/
TopTools.ai https://www.toptools.ai
Wikiaitools https://www.wikiaitools.com
Al Awesome https://www.aiawesome.com/
Al Library by Phygital https://library.phygital.plus/
Al Startups https://www.aistartups.net
Tools NoCode https://www.toolsnocode.com/ai
There’s An Al For That https://theresanaiforthat.com/
GPTE.ai https://gpte.ai/
Al Tool Directory https://aitooldirectory.com
Al-Finder https://ai-finder.net
Al Center https://www.aicenter.ai
Apps and Websites https://appsandwebsites.com/
Al Top Picks https://www.aitoppicks.com/
Al Tools Guide https://aitoolsguide.com
AITools.fyi https://aitools.fyi/
AIToolTips https://aitooltips.com
GPTForge https://gptforge.net/
Alcyclopedia https://www.aicyclopedia.com/
The Al Generation https://www.theaigeneration.com
Al Trendz https://aitrendz.xyz
Flipbytes https://www.flipbytes.com
Gravy Al https://gravyai.com
Aitoolnet https://www.aitoolnet.com
ToolsPedia https://www.toolspedia.io
Instant Al https://instantai.io
All Things Al https://allthingsai.com/
faind.ai https://faind.ai
Al Tool Board https://aitoolboard.com
Dang.ai Al Tools https://dang.ai
Al Top Tools https://aitoptools.com
Futurepedia https://www.futurepedia.io/
AiToolsWiki https://aitoolswiki.com
Al Scout https://aiscout.net
Insidr Al Tools https://www.insidr.ai/ai-tools/
Amaete Al https://www.amaete.ai
DigiProToolz http://digiprotoolz.com
ToolScout https://toolscout.ai
NextPedia https://www.nextpedia.io
Favird Al Tools https://favird.com/l/ai-tools-and-applications
Future Tools https://www.futuretools.io/
Al Explorer https://www.aiexplorer.app/
Al Spree https://aispree.com
AITools.Directory https://www.aitools.directory
TopAI.Tools https://topai.tools
Free Al Tools Directory https://free-ai-tools-directory.com/
AIHub.fyi https://www.aihub.fyi/
Future AGI Tools https://www.futureagitools.com
TenereTeam https://www.tenereteam.com/ai-tool
ListintAI https://www.listintai.com
AiCombined https://aicombined.com
AIToolTracker https://aitooltracker.com
AIDirectory.org https://www.aidirectory.org/
SaaS Al Tools https://saasaitools.com
The Al Warehouse https://www.thewarehouse.ai
Al of the Day https://aioftheday.com/
Daily Tech Al https://www.dailytech.ai
DoMore.ai https://domore.ai/
Al Tool Guru https://aitoolguru.com
Al Marketing Directory https://aimarketing.directory
AiHabr https://aihabr.com/
Al-Hunter https://ai-hunter.io
Al Tools Hub https://descenedigital.com/aitoolsdirectory/
GTP Demo https://www.gptdemo.net
Victrays https://victrays.com/
Al Tools Arena https://aitoolsarena.com
WhatTheAI https://whattheai.tech
Al Tools Directory https://aitoolsdirectory.com


Get Your Website Ready for Submission

You now possess the list of directory submission websites where you can list your website and obtain the greatest advantages. To make the most of it, though, you must first make sure that your website is ready before you begin posting about it on these platforms. I will go over the main procedures in this section for preparing your website for submission to these directory websites. First things first, make sure your website is organized neatly, has simple navigation, and contains pertinent content before you start.

Keyword Analysis: Conduct thorough keyword research, use tools like SEMrush to find KGR & LSI keywords in your niche, and then develop content around them.

Meta keywords: To increase CTR, create an engaging meta title, description, and other original tags. Also, fix any canonical issues in your meta tags.

Domains and URLs: Additionally, you must ensure that your URLs are descriptive, brief, and easy to understand. You have also used your domain name without creating any mixed content problems. 

External and Internal Connections: Make sure all internal links are functioning properly and always include links to reputable websites in your content. Make sure to include internal links in each post on your website as well.

Optimization of Images: It plays a crucial role in your site’s overall optimization and search engine ranking. It is strongly advised that you optimize your image properly and use appropriate “alt” texts for any uploaded images if you are not already doing so.


Directory Submission Site Types

We have already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of using directory sites, and I have given you a list of websites that you might find useful. However, what kind of directory websites need to be on your radar? I have provided a brief explanation of the different types of directory submission sites here, along with which one you should select, to allay your concerns about selecting the important sites.

Free Web Sites: Many free directory submission sites are included in the list I have provided for viewers’ interest. However, have you ever considered the possibility that you are not the only person who finds these FREE SITES to be LUCKY?

Paying Websites: Purchasing links from paid websites is a great strategy. Not everyone chooses directory sites, even though this is something we are working on developing links to. Consequently, you will come across a ton of excellent good directory websites! I strongly advise selecting a paid directory for your business needs to obtain some results, provided that you are not restricted by a tight budget.

Niche-Relevant Websites: While both FREE and PAID directory submission sites offer niche-relevant websites, we have highlighted each one separately so you know what to watch out for. These kinds of websites truly have a ton of potential link juice and highly targeted USERS, which could be beneficial to the expansion and growth of your website!

Linked Websites: You will notice a reciprocal option when you submit a link to a directory submission site; these are the kinds of sites you should stay away from! This is because reciprocal links, which are essentially links exchanged, might ask you to link to them from your website’s footer to obtain permission to use their platform. Google is going to detest you if you are creating links of this nature for your website, I promise! 


Advice for Submitted Items to Directories That Work

There are a few tactics you can use to your advantage when submitting your website to the directories mentioned above. To help you increase the online visibility of your website, I will provide some advice in this section based on my usage of these sites and my experience with them.

1. Manually Look Up Directories Before Adding Links

As previously stated, you should thoroughly investigate each directory listed to make sure it is free of spam before submitting your websites to these sites. As part of my research for the directories, I usually check these factors as well, which you should as well:

  • The Domain Authority (DA)
  • Authorities on Pages (PA)
  • Score for Spam
  • Flow of Trust (TF)
  • Flow of Citations (CF)
  • domain rating (DR), as well as
  • natural traffic.

You can choose high-quality directories that have a positive effect on the overall SEO of your website by verifying these metrics.

2. Utilize Distinctive and Pertinent Material

Many of us simply copy and paste the same title, description, and other necessary information to every site we submit to these directories. This is incorrect, though, as it only leads to duplication, which can damage your website or make it perform poorly. For each submission, I would strongly advise writing an intriguing description that is distinct, interesting, and educational. To reap the greatest rewards, you can also use AI tools for this, such as Rytr, Jasper, and ChatGPT.

3. Choose Correct Category to Submit

For your website or business, choosing the appropriate category for your submission is very important. Make sure you are choosing the most relevant category for your website out of the several that most directories should normally offer. Users will find your website more readily as a result, improving your chances of success.

4. Correct Use of Anchor Texts, Keywords, and Brand Terms

Whenever we create any type of link for our website, we mainly use “MONEY ANCHOR TEXT” on all our links. The money anchor text is somewhat right, but we should avoid overusing it. Rather than overusing money or commercial keywords, you need to strike a balance between branded, long tail, and LSI keywords. To get the most out of your submission, if you are new to this, you can use tools like Anchor Text Generator by Linkio.

Observing Progress of Your Listing Submission

I divide the pages into Google Sheets per my specifications each time I make links for my websites. Using this same sheet, I also record the directory entries I have made for my websites. It assists me in monitoring my development and maintaining organization as I watch the development for a deeper comprehension. If you would like assistance in keeping track of your submissions, I am happy to share some helpful hints that will enable you to monitor your progress and optimize your submission.

1. Building and Maintaining Spreadsheet

As I previously mentioned, I use Google Sheets to keep track of all the information related to my websites, including their stats and link-building progress. If you have a lot of potential to improve productivity, save time, and streamline your work, you are not using it. When making a Google Sheet for your company, make sure to include important information like;

  • Name of directory
  • Date of submission
  • Status (Awaiting, Accepted, or Denied)
  • live connection (if permitted)
  • Notes (anything significant regarding the responses, the submission, or the directory itself)

You can quickly identify trends or patterns by reviewing your progress by keeping all of your submission details in one location by keeping a spreadsheet.

2. Establishing Objectives and Targets

Setting goals and targets is crucial for anyone serious about running a business. Furthermore, this applies to everything you do in your business, not just directory submission. Setting objectives and targets enables you to monitor your progress and accomplishments more precisely while also keeping you motivated and focused. In addition, you should think and set more realistic goals. As a wise man once said, “Always prefer quality over quantity.” The following sample objectives may be useful to you:

  • Monthly submissions to fifty reputable directories
  • Obtaining a 75% approval rate in the selected directories
  • Quarterly increase of 10% in website traffic derived from directory referrals 

3. Using Tracking Instruments

It is not enough to just create submission sites; you also need to regularly manage and track them. You can track the effects of submitting your website to directories with several available tools. These instruments may consist of;

  • Analytica Google
  • Ahelmefs
  • Get SEMrush

Backlink monitoring tools, such as this one I made for my own requirements, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Directory Submission Sites

Directory submission sites are online directories where website owners can submit their website’s information, such as URL, description, and category, to get listed in relevant categories. Think of it like an eCommerce website but with tons of websites instead of products in various categories. Users mainly visit these types of sites to find alternative sites in different niches. In these types of sites, all you need to do is create an account and submit your website/service for approval. Once your website/service is approved, it can be explored by other users on these platforms.

When it comes to search engine optimization, creating any kind of spammy link—whether it be from a directory, comment, guest post, or another source—can hurt you. You must thus exercise caution and concentrate solely on creating links to high-quality websites!

Yes, the majority of users still find hundreds of directory websites to be flawless. My little SaaS idea has generated over $5,000+ MRR in just a few months thanks to the significant growth I have noticed in my product's overall views and sales as I have been submitting it to different SaaS directories.

People are known to SPAM items that are offered for free. With these directory websites, it is the same situation. For our own gain, we do try to bombard free websites with links and content of all kinds whenever we come across one. 

Directory submission sites can undoubtedly significantly increase the overall growth and sales of your product. All you have to do is choose a website with a significant volume of traffic and relevance.

Directory submission sites can provide increased visibility, improved search engine rankings, targeted traffic, brand recognition, cost-effectiveness, and higher domain authority. Directory submission is the process of submitting a website to various online directories to get listed in relevant categories. Here are some of the benefits of directory submission:

Increased Visibility: Directory submission allows websites to be visible to a wider audience. When a website is listed in a directory, it becomes easier for users to find it. This can lead to increased traffic and potential customers.

Improved Search Engine Rankings: Search engines consider backlinks as a ranking factor. By submitting a website to directory submission sites, website owners can create high-quality backlinks that can improve their search engine rankings.

Targeted Traffic: Directory submission sites are usually categorized by topic, making it easier for users to find websites related to their interests. This means that businesses can reach a more targeted audience that is interested in their products or services.

Brand Recognition: Getting listed in directories can help businesses establish their brand and increase brand recognition. This can lead to more credibility and trust among potential customers.

Cost-Effective: Directory submission is a cost-effective way of promoting a website. Many directories offer free submission options, while others may charge a nominal fee. Compared to other advertising methods, directory submission is a cost-effective way to increase a website’s online presence.

Higher Domain Authority: When a website is listed on reputable directories, it can increase the website’s domain authority. Domain authority is a ranking factor that search engines use to determine a website’s relevance and authority.

There are many types of directory submissions like free, paid, and reciprocal submissions.

Free Directory Submission Sites: If you want to submit your blog URL free of cost then this type is the best for you. The bad thing is that it will take a few weeks to approve your URL and add it to the directory list. Still, it is the best way to submit a URL to directories.

Paid Directory Submission Sites: If you want to build links very fast then this option is for you. You can submit your website URL here and it will be added in a few hours. This is the fastest way to build a high-quality link.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites: In this type, you have to add a link to your own website of the directory website where you want to submit your URL. When the owner of that website validates the link then your website link will be approved to the directory submission site.

Here are a few steps that will help you to submit your website to any directory site. Follow all the instructions given below for successful link approval.

  • Step 1: Open any website from the given website list.
  • Step 2: Select the submission type from the options.
  • Step 3: Fill in the title, description, website URL, and email address.
  • Step 4: Select the category from the dropdown list.
  • Step 5: If you have selected reciprocal type then enter your website page URL where you have placed the code.
  • Step 6: Click on the continue button to finish the link submission.

When it comes to web directory submission sites, there are both paid and free options available. Here are some differences between paid and free web directory submission sites:

Cost: The most obvious difference is that paid directory submission sites require payment, while free directory submission sites do not. Paid directories may charge a one-time fee or a recurring fee, depending on the directory.

Quality: Paid directories often have higher quality standards than free directories. Paid directories may have a strict approval process, while free directories may accept any website without any review.

Visibility: Paid directories may offer more visibility to your website than free directories. Paid directories may have a higher domain authority, which can translate to better visibility and search engine rankings.

Targeting: Paid directories may offer more targeting options than free directories. Paid directories may allow you to choose specific categories or subcategories that are relevant to your website, while free directories may not have this option.

Speed of Approval: Paid directories may have a faster approval process than free directories. Paid directories often have a dedicated team of editors who review submissions quickly, while free directories may take longer to review submissions.

No, there are both free and paid directory submission sites available. Paid directories may offer higher quality, more visibility, and better targeting options, while free directories may be more accessible.

Choose a directory submission site that is relevant to your niche, has high domain authority, and has a good reputation. It’s also important to read the directory’s guidelines and follow them closely to ensure your submission is approved.

It’s important to submit your website to high-quality directories only. Focus on quality over quantity and avoid submitting to low-quality directories or directories with a poor reputation.

No, it’s not necessary, but it can help increase your website’s online visibility and improve search engine rankings. It’s important to choose high-quality directories and follow their guidelines to avoid any negative impact on your website’s online presence.

Yes, submitting your website to low-quality directories or directories with a poor reputation can harm your website’s SEO. It’s important to choose high-quality directories and follow their guidelines to avoid any negative impact on your website’s online presence.

There are primarily three kinds of directories, including the Basic Directory Release, the Standard Directory Release, and the Multiple Directory Release.

Subject Directory: A single summary and multiple descriptions for various categories are provided in this single URL. The following are the following.

Directory Handbook Submission: For this summary, several titles and one URL will be used.

Multiple Directory Submission: Here, multiple internal URLs (suggested 8-10) of the same site are requested, each with its title and definition.



Directory submission sites are an essential SEO technique for building quality links. They’re most helpful in building sites for LOCAL SEO. By focusing on submitting links to quality directory sites, you can ensure better results and a stronger online presence for your brand. In conclusion, directory submission sites are an essential part of any off-page SEO strategy. They can help improve a website’s online presence, visibility, and search engine rankings. However, it is important to choose high-quality directory submission sites that have a good reputation to avoid any negative impact on a website’s online presence.

It is an assistant to help you achieve exposure across the web to send you a suggestion about your application to the web archive. Anything can be overdone, so don’t send too many directories to your Website.

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