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200+ Top High DA DoFollow PPT, DOC or PDF Document Submission Sites List in 2024

Our website offers free site distribution to customers to improve their search engine ranking. Feel free to use the information provided here on any website as needed. The exchange of documents and PDFs is essential for optimizing search engine results. If you work in SEO, you are probably aware of this fact, but if you are new to the field, it is essential to understand and utilize the lists of high DA, PA, and MOZ PDF and document-sharing sites available. ent sharing sites available with high DA, PA, and MOZ scores.

We assure you of good results because Google provides a good amount of traffic as well as backlinks from these sites. Search engine optimization is done through various strategies, and the more depth these strategies have, the better the organic growth of your traffic. SEO specialists highly value web strategists who can boost digital success. When online presence is not only about making a website, every single act to highlight the site is needed. Submitting PDFs is a tried-and-true tactic that can give you an advantage over other SEO specialists who are not utilizing it. 

So, here is the top document & PDF-sharing site list for 2023 to help you get a good amount of traffic and backlinks. We are a bunch of digital marketing professionals who understand the importance of top document & PDF-sharing sites in SEO. So, we have provided you with websites that work. Get it and work; if you too want to upload documents / PDFs to these sites. Give it a try and expect great results!

PDF submission websites are crucial for digital marketing campaigns as they provide a convenient way to share and distribute PDF documents online. These websites allow users to upload PDFs and offer several benefits, such as obtaining high-quality backlinks. It’s important to choose the best platforms for submission and follow a detailed guide for submitting PDFs effectively.

This blog serves as a comprehensive tutorial for those looking to explore the strategy of using PDF submission websites, many of which are free. By learning how to utilize these platforms, individuals and companies can increase their visibility and take advantage of this opportunity,  drive organic traffic, and foster sustainable growth—looking to maximize your PDF marketing strategy? Explore our comprehensive list of 200+ top PDF submission sites for 2024. Boost your online visibility, generate quality backlinks, and promote your PDF documents effectively.


Advantages of PDF Submission Sites

PDF submission sites offer several benefits that can enhance your digital marketing efforts:


Generating Traffic: Millions of individuals visit these PDF submission platforms worldwide. By sharing your PDF here, you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Getting Link Diversity: When submitting PDFs to websites, you can obtain several high-quality backlinks to your website.

Improving SEO Ranking: Submitting a PDF with relevant keywords can improve your website’s search engine ranking. If your PDF does not contain keywords related to your business then also the Search engine can give you a high index by just mentioning the specific keywords in the name or description of the PDF.

Use Multiple Websites: You can also upload a PDF that is optimized according to your needs on different PDF submission sites to get better results. The duplication of the content won’t be an issue.

Use Graphical Content: The most important thing is that you can share documents with graphical content with the help of a PDF file without compromising the quality of the document. Because of this reason, PDF files are used widely to share graphical content.

Enhanced Visibility: You may expand your online presence and connect with more people by uploading your PDF files to these sites.

Backlink Generation: Websites that accept PDF submissions offer a chance to build reputable backlinks, which can improve the search engine optimization of your website. 

Brand Exposure: Distributing informative PDFs can help position your company as an authority in your sector.

Lead Generation: PDFs with valuable information can attract potential customers and generate leads for your business.

Traffic Generation: When users find your PDFs interesting, they are more likely to visit your website, increasing traffic.

There is a saying in SEO that you must multipurpose your content, or write it once and use it in multiple places, like making a video and then making a different digital version of your videos like a blog, DOC, PDF, or podcast. Readers can access your blog via a PDF version. Adding articles to the list of free PDF submission sites has several advantages, including the following:

  • Helpful in generating high authority backlinks.
  • Faster indexing by Google.
  • Exposure for your Brand Name.
  • Increase in Your Business Citation.
  • Flexibility to use eye-catching formatting for all content
  • Ease of adding affiliate links to articles.


Strategies for Effective Utilization of PDF Submission Sites

Quality Backlinks: Backlinks are the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth since search algorithms have been altered to prioritize users. No wonder, the acquisition of high-quality backlinks is pivotal for SEO success. Businesses are usually allowed to include links to their websites within their free PDF submissions on sites with high domain authority.  These backlinks contribute significantly to a website’s authority, positively impacting its search engine ranking and online credibility.

Optimize PDFs for Search Engines: Employ pertinent keywords consistently throughout the text, including the meta description and document title. Ignorance notwithstanding, it is nevertheless important enough to note. Without doing this all the other things mentioned on this blog would be just a waste of your precious time. For optimal exposure and discoverability, make sure search engines are properly indexing the PDFs.

Strategic Content Repurposing: Not every day even an expert content creator can create new content on the same object or topic. Sometimes, repurposed content is as good as or even better than the original content in the way it is presented and makes sense to the target audience.

Crafting High-Quality Content: Develop informative, engaging, and visually appealing PDFs that provide tangible value to the audience. Only when it is presented in a way that is noticed and accepted does quality content make sense? Plain delivery of the PDF on the submission sites is just a tick-off from a to-do list; for business, we want to make every effort count that has a chance to give visibility.

Strategies for Linking: While it is important to have links to your company pages, you should not just put links everywhere. To increase traffic to your website, only include links that are pertinent and logical in the places where they are used in the document. To improve the user experience, pay particular attention to the quality of the links and make sure the content flows naturally.

Branding Across Platforms: While content is important, branding also is. What if the person remembers the info but thinks of another brand providing the same info/service/product? To enhance your brand identity, make sure that all of your PDF submissions are consistent with your brand. In addition to starting to compile a list of free PDF submission sites before publishing content on just about any site.


Keep in Mind that Whenever you Create These Formats,

PPT Document Submission File:

When you create a PPT, use these methods:

  1. Don’t write so much content
  2. User proper Images
  3. Place destination/ reference link
  4. You can use fresh keywords in the description while submitting the PPT.

PDF Document Submission File:

Use the following concept to submit a PDF:

  1. Use unique content
  2. Image/images can be used
  3. Don’t stuff keywords
  4. Use rich keywords (discussed above)
  5. You can also use fresh keywords in the description

DOC Document Submission File:

Use the following concept to submit DOC:

  1. Use unique content
  2. Make the document in Word format.
  3. Image/images can be used
  4. Don’t stuff keywords
  5. Use rich keywords (discussed above)
  6. You can also use fresh keywords in the description while submitting the DOC file.

List of PDF Document Submission Sites List in 2024


Sr Document Submission Sites DA PA
1 slideshare.net 95 85
2 mediafire.com 95 79
3 scribd.com 95 79
4 issuu.com 94 83
5 4shared.com 94 74
6 esnips.com 94 59
7 rapidshare.com 93 76
8 academia.edu 93 75
9 box.com 93 73
10 box.net 93 73
11 sendspace.com 93 70
12 depositfiles.com 93 67
13 zippyshare.com 93 67
14 ziddu.com 93 65
15 officelive.com 93 43
16 calameo.com 93
17 wattpad.com 92 75
18 en.calameo.com 92 74
19 uploaded.net 92 63
20 zshare.net 91 62
21 diigo.com 90 76
22 yumpu.com 90 67
23 filefactory.com 90 66
24 hotfile.com 90 65
25 uploading.com 90 64
26 fanlore.org 90 47
27 lulu.com 89 69
28 smashwords.com 89 69
29 search.worldcat.org 89 41
30 zoho.com 89
31 tapatalk.com 88 65
32 visual.ly 86 72
33 archdaily.com 86 68
34 emaze.com 86 65
35 pearltrees.com 86 65
36 2shared.com 86 63
37 authorstream.com 86 62
38 turbobit.net 85 64
39 letitbit.net 85 63
40 uploaded.to 85 61
41 easy-share.com 85 58
42 yumpu.comen 85 57
43 datafilehost.com 84 62
44 filedropper.com 84 58
45 fileden.com 84 35
46 pearson.com 83 65
47 docdroid.net 83 59
48 filefactory.com 83 51
49 peatix.com 82 63
50 feedbooks.com 81 64
51 slides.com 81 64
52 archiveofourown.org 80 67
53 gamefront.com 80 58
54 docstoc.com 77 59
55 free-ebooks.net 76 66
56 divshare.com 76 63
57 edocr.com 76 57
58 doocu.co 76 55
59 rapidshare.de 75 64
60 mirrored.to 75 42
61 mininova.org 74 59
62 gigasize.com 73 57
63 mirrorcreator.com 73 44
64 joomag.com 72 60
65 badongo.com 72 57
66 ioffer.com 72 57
67 isohunt.com 71 63
68 yudu.com 71 58
69 youblisher.com 71 54
70 sliderocket.com 70 75
71 thinkfree.com 70 53
72 manybooks.net 69 65
73 slideserve.com 69 62
74 filestube.com 69 56
75 pdf-archive.com 68 56
76 slideworld.com 65 68
77 clearslide.com 65 53
78 paperbackswap.com 65
79 speedyshare.com 64 53
80 persianupload.net 63 65
81 bebee.com 63 53
82 keepandshare.com 63
83 slideboom.com 62 68
84 storeboard.com 62 60
85 vitalsource.com 62 55
86 pdfescape.com 62 54
87 en.pdf24.org 62
88 transferbigfiles.com 61 59
89 huddle.com 61 52
90 huddle.net 61 52
91 freepdfhosting.com 61 50
92 ifile.it 61
93 crocko.com 60 52
94 anyflip.com 59 55
95 megafileupload.com 59 49
96 flii.by 59 43
97 memoware.com 58 63
98 turb.to 58 61
99 dochub.com 58 57
100 tizag.com 58 52
101 pdfcast.org 58 51
102 gofile.io 57 56
103 uploadarticle.com 57 45
104 awaysomearticle.com 57 44
105 powershow.com 56 59
106 fliiby.com 56 50
107 synchrony.com 56 47
108 turboupload.com 56
109 dropbox.com 55 62
110 trendyread.com 53 47
111 drive.google.com 52 60
112 senduit.com 52 60
113 bigupload.com 52 56
114 wikiupload.com 52 55
115 freecomputerbooks.com 52 52
116 filecloud.io 50 51
117 pdfhost.net 50 48
118 webnovel.com 49 57
119 yourfilelink.com 49 57
120 uploadingit.com 49 51
121 torrentportal.com 49 50
122 presentationpro.com 48 51
123 examcollection.com 48 49
124 speedsmart.net 48
125 files.com 47 49
126 commaful.com 47 45
127 e-library.net 46 51
128 zentation.com 46 49
129 bitroad.net 44 49
130 myplick.com 43 50
131 kewlshare.com 43 48
132 host-a.net 43 47
133 wepapers.com 41 50
134 hdoxtop.com 40 50
135 glasscubes.com 40 49
136 worldranklist.com 40 47
137 storymirror.com 40 45
138 slingfile.com 39 57
139 slideonline.com 39 46
140 leokrut.com 38 40
141 gigabox.com 38 34
142 knowfree.net 38 27
143 hwisdomebooks.com 37 47
144 idoc.pub 37 43
145 yudufreedom.com 36 32
146 libraryelf.com 35 42
147 midupload.com 33 40
148 docuter.com 32 43
149 gazhoo.com 32 40
150 bookswealth.com 31 40
151 sharepresentation.com 29 46
152 snipfiles.com 29 39
153 wolf777.com 28 45
154 pinpdf.com 28 36
155 pdf-submission-site.info 22 35
156 free-pdf-ebook.com 21 39
157 writersbrew.com 19 27
158 wupload.in 17
159 ebooks-uk.com 15 27
160 cyboserver.com 13 43
161 sofanovel.com 13 25
162 confessionstories.org 11 39
163 clearside.com 10
164 wikiupload.co 2 19
165 glasscubes.co 1 1


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Document Submission Sites

Online tools that make it easier to upload, share, and distribute PDF documents are known as PDF submission sites. These platforms offer companies a distinctive way to distribute useful content and build their brand within their respective industries. Content can range from educational articles and whitepapers to product guides and presentations. Users can upload their PDF documents to online platforms for sharing, distribution, and promotion called PDF submission sites.

These websites frequently have a sizable user population and offer some categories for organizing the PDFs that are uploaded. Based on their requirements and areas of interest, users can look for and access these documents. A great way to expand your audience and build backlinks to your blog or website is by using PDF submission sites.

Broadened Visibility and Exposure: Users looking for specific and resource-backed information are content consumers available on these sites. They have real problems that such information can solve. You are in the right place if you can solve particular pain points that your target audience has with your business, service, or expertise. An excellent chance to demonstrate your content expertise is presented by the presence of diverse audiences.

Establishing Authority: When companies distribute educational and thoroughly researched PDFs, they are seen as authorities in their industry. Building trust via authority-building and attracting new business is essential to converting leads into long-lasting customer relationships.

One of the major benefits of using PDF submission sites is the opportunity to obtain quality backlinks. Since backlinks demonstrate the authority and relevancy of your website, they are crucial for search engine optimization, or SEO. The following advice will help you obtain high-quality backlinks from PDF submission sites:

  • Choose reputable and high-ranking PDF submission sites.
  • Ensure your PDF documents provide valuable and informative content.
  • Optimize your PDFs with relevant keywords and meta tags.
  • Provide links in the document that can be clicked to take readers back to your website.
  • Encourage social sharing and engagement with your PDFs.

With these strategies, you can attract more visitors to your website and improve your search engine rankings.

Choosing the right PDF submission sites is crucial to maximizing the benefits of your PDF marketing efforts. Consider the following factors when selecting the platforms:

Relevancy: Make sure the categories on the website match your material.

Authority: Choose sites with a strong domain authority and a good reputation.

Traffic: Check the site's traffic statistics to gauge its popularity and potential reach.

Engagement with Users: Look for websites that attract a sizable and active user population.

Quality Guidelines: Review the site's quality guidelines to understand their content standards.

To more successfully target your audience and get better results, choose the best PDF submission websites.

The list of PDF submission sites list gained greater prominence after document sharing sites emerged as effective SEO tools. They allow uploading documents in many formats, including Word (*.doc), venerable PDF (*.pdf), or Open Office Word (*.odt). The PDF files will be handy for sharing documents such as brochures, and magazine articles to preserve their original graphic appearance.

You are in the best place to obtain a list of PDF submission sites, so do not go anywhere else. This is a list of the best free PDF submission and document-sharing websites that you can use in 2024 to increase the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your website and blog and to raise your search engine rankings. January 2024 saw an update.

Sharing PDF content with users is one of the off-page SEO strategies we employ. A crucial component of Off-Page Plans is the submission of PDF content for SEO. You can create PDF versions of your content and distribute them to users on these sites so they can read and download them as needed. As a source for research papers and in-depth study papers, PDF sharing or submission websites have been seeing a lot of traffic.

PDF submission sites are most useful and PDF, PPT, or DOC submission is the off-page SEO technique. PDF submission is an off-site SEO activity that involves submitting your business information in PDF, PPT, or DOC format to different websites. This can help to increase visibility for your webpage or website, with the added benefit of high-quality backlinks. The most important aspect of this technique is that all websites have high domain and page authority.

In SEO terms, PDF submission is a technique used to create backlinks and promote your content in PDF, PPT, or DOC format. Similar to PDF submission, you can also submit PPT and DOC files to promote your content on different websites that accept PDF, PPT, or DOC formats. This is one of the best online marketing techniques to obtain high-quality inbound links and referral traffic, while also maximizing your website’s visibility in major search engines.

Submitting PDF, PPT, or DOC files to file submission websites is crucial for driving traffic to your website and generating high-quality backlinks. This is a content marketing strategy that is widely used by SEO experts to improve their website’s ranking on search engine results pages. PDF submission is a highly effective way to promote your online business and gain do-follow backlinks from authoritative websites.

PDF, PPT, or DOC submission is required on those sites in which account registration is required.

Step 1: Go to the website and find the login/registration page, then sign up. You can choose to log in via a third party because most of the PDF PPT or DOC submission sites have login facilities like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 2: After signing in, you can submit your PDF, PPT, or DOC files. PDF, PPT, or DOC submission is possible on those sites in which account registration is not required.

Only Step: Select your any PDF, PPT, or DOC file and click submit, by doing this, you will get your approved link for PDF, PPT, and DOC submission.

By submitting your company's information in PDF, PPT, or DOC format to numerous high-authority websites, you can use PDF submission as an off-site SEO technique to improve the ranking of your website. By doing this, you can improve the visibility of your website and attract high-quality inbound traffic.

To improve search engine optimization, many people ask how to create backlinks from PDFs. That is a great idea, particularly if you are promoting your website with PDF files. And they rank them very well on search engine results pages. So, if you want to improve your website's ranking.

It is highly recommended that you submit your website’s information to PDF submission sites for off-page SEO. The document has meta tags that inform search engines of the keywords that are used in the document. As a result, higher-quality PDF documents are more likely to appear on Google. And other alternative search engines.

PDF submission is important for SEO because it helps in obtaining a higher ranking and a positive online presence for your website in SERPs.

But you can upload your PDF for SEO on some online platforms that accept PDF submissions. Issuu, however, is at the top of the list below.

  • Slideshare
  • Yumpu
  • 4Shared
  • Author Stream
  • Visual.ly
  • Edocr
  • Zoho Docs
  • Scribd
  • Academia

Follow these steps to do document sharing in SEO effectively:

  1. Choose relevant platforms.
  2. Optimize the document with keywords.
  3. Create quality content.
  4. Include backlinks to your website.
  5. Share responsibly on social media and in forums.
  6. Monitor document performance with analytics.

PDF submission in SEO is the process of uploading your Portable Document Format files to multiple PDF submission websites or directories to get backlinks to your websites. When you submit PDF files to PDF submission websites, you might be able to get high-quality inbound connections to our website.

This link-building will improve your website's DA, PA, and page rank. The most economical way to develop backlinks with high domain authority is through PDF submission, which is regarded as an off-page optimization technique in the context of SEO and digital marketing.

You must first register as a user on the website to send your PDF file using any high-profile PDF submission sites. You must enter the recipient's information and select the preferred method of PDF delivery after successfully registering on the website. Then, to upload it, click the share button.



PDF submission sites offer a valuable opportunity to distribute and promote your PDF documents. You may build high-quality backlinks, improve your online presence, and draw in new clients by using the techniques listed here. Choose the right submission sites, optimize your PDFs, and track their performance to refine your marketing strategy. Use the provided lists of the top free PDF submission sites as a starting point for your PDF marketing efforts.

We believe this article will help you make more backlinks pointing to your web pages and grow organic traffic to your web pages in 2024. Using this SEO practice of PDF submission will help your business reach a relevant and targeted audience. Not only this, but it also gives a few remarkable, high-quality backlinks. Keep in mind the above guide while sharing a PDF regularly which builds the audience.

I hope this comprehensive list of sites for verified and checked PDF submissions will make it easier for you to raise the ranking of your website. This SEO tactic will increase search traffic to your website because, as I have already indicated, all of the products on the list are of excellent quality. Would you like this task to be carried out by a qualified SEO marketing consultant with me right now? Websites that allow you to submit PDFs will help you get more customers and make your company more visible in Google’s many search engines.

You can greatly boost your traffic by utilizing any of the many top-notch websites that accept PDF submissions. Many excellent PDF submission websites can help you increase your traffic significantly.

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