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Top 100+ High DA DR Event Submission and Listing Sites for Reaching New Audiences

Event listing websites or directories are other names for event submission websites. This is an online platform that both people and businesses can use. and for event planners to advertise and publicize their events to a wider range of people. Users can find a variety of events on these websites, which act as a primary hub. e.g., community meetings, webinars, concerts, workshops, and conferences.

As an event planner, you are aware of how critical it is to publicize your forthcoming event to guarantee both success and high attendance. It can be difficult to navigate the wide range of websites that promote events, though. In light of the global connectivity provided by the internet, what you need is an event listing website that helps you engage with your target audience.

The development of excellent inbound links to your website is one major benefit of listing your events on these platforms. This, in turn, helps improve your search engine rankings and attracts organic traffic, ensuring that a large number of people discover your event. Event submission sites offer a user-friendly interface for event listings. They need essential information. such as the name, description, date, time, location, and ticketing information of the event. And any other relevant information.

Even if you’re working with a limited budget, you can still establish a strong online presence and promote your business effectively through event listing websites. By giving your audience thorough information about your company and events, these platforms let you keep them updated at every stage. Even more, though there might be fees involved, are platforms that let users sell tickets straight from their website.

Let us get started and explore the top 10 platforms that offer great chances for you to list your upcoming event. You can use these platforms to connect with your intended audience, raise awareness of your event, and ultimately make the most of its success.


What is Event Submission Sites

You can advertise events online with event submission websites, which will increase traffic to your store and boost sales. Since the majority of these websites do not charge a fee for listing your events, they can also help you save time. After learning about your event, most people will want to check out your website for more information. Sites for submitting events are free and can aid in expanding your audience to a worldwide one.

These websites also provide ticketing services, which can increase your earnings. And the best part is, you can still make a lot of money by posting your event for free. Event submission sites are especially helpful for enterprise businesses. These sites allow you to post detailed information about your event and inform the world about it. You will receive a great deal of exposure for posting as many events as you like.

Even better, they help you create high-quality inbound links, which increase your website’s search engine ranking. This is great for your business because it will bring more people to your event. You must complete a form for your event to be listed on an event submission website. These forms can be accessed and approved online before their official launch. Moreover, they let submitters choose event templates and categories. You can use a single template for all of your events, or you can select multiple templates.


Benefits of Event Submissions for SEO to Get Leads for Your Website

Websites that are both visually appealing and educational aid in improving user comprehension. Make them want to know more about your service or product listing. You can use the provided links on the event submission sites as a medium to introduce the company. Give background information and provide details about your company’s website and improve the optimization of your search engine.

Sites for event submissions aid in directing relevant visitors to your website. Direct traffic to your website is the best way to maximize revenue. After reading your brief information, free event promotion websites enable you to get free traffic from search engines. And increase organic traffic to your website. It can also be used for link building to improve website ranking on search engine results pages.


Essential Information for Your Event Website

Check out the information below that you need to add to your event page before we start a new discussion. If you want to highlight your search engine results page, or SERP, keep this information in mind.

  1. Event Name: You must select a unique name for your event. It will assist you in standing out from your competitor’s events. 
  2. Event Date and Name: You have to take care that this must be on a proper placement on your event’s page. It always shows the information on the entire search engine page, but apart from that, it helps users know about your event details, and whether your event is on or not. Now look through the Indian event list websites and get to work.
  3. Event Location: In addition to providing users with all the important information about the event, the address aids search engines in providing relevant results to users who are looking for your event. If you are searching for upcoming marketing trade shows, you will find all nearby marketing shows first, followed by events in other regions. This demonstrates how search engines look at your location before displaying the information.
  4. Event Description: You need to provide a succinct summary of the event that the audience can read and comprehend. On the landing page of your event website, this blurb needs to be placed correctly. You need to learn about the guidelines of Indian event promotion websites to do that.
  5. Event Schedule: The schedule will spell out all the necessary details about the event, including the time, commitments, what to expect, and much more. Depending on how many searches your sites receive, Search will read out the provided information and display it on the Search Results page, improving your site rankings.
  6. Speakers and Keynotes: Speakers add life to your event. The speaker’s bio will pique attendees’ curiosity about the event details more. Additionally, it will improve the ranking of your website when users look up specific names.
  7. Event Photos and Video: These materials give you a deeper connection with your viewers. You are providing an overview of the event to the audience by showcasing your event photos. But if you do not have photos and videos, you can outsource realistic imagery with genuine authenticity.
  8. Ticket Information: Your event must consist of every bird option, ticket pricing, deals, and other details about ticketing. If the pricing information is not available, you will need to post a reminder for guests to check back on a specific date for the most recent ticket information. Once the pricing is accessible, you may even get the user’s email address and send them a note. 
  9. Contact Information: Make exact contact details about your site, as speakers, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors might ask some questions.


Points to Consider While Listing Your Event

When listing your event on event listing websites, it is important to keep a few key points in mind to ensure efficient use and maximum visibility. Take the time to follow these guidelines:

Classify Your Event Correctly: To attract the right audience, make sure your event is classified under the appropriate category. This helps potential attendees find your event more easily.

Utilize Relevant Keywords: When tagging your event, use keywords that are relevant to its content. Include artist names, venue details, and specific locations to optimize searchability and improve the chances of your event being discovered.

Utilize Potential of Internet: Make the most of the online platform by including a thorough event description and by utilizing pertinent event tags. This guarantees that interested parties can find your event with ease. Listing your event becomes meaningless if no one can find it, after all.

Provide a Registration Link: It is essential to provide a direct ticket link if your event requires online registration or ticket purchases. You can minimize online restrictions and make it easier for prospective attendees to reserve a spot by doing this. This increases the likelihood of a successful turnout.

Capture Attention with Images: Enhance your event listing by including eye-catching images. Visuals play a significant role in grabbing the audience’s attention and enticing them to learn more about your event.

Use Bullet Points: Use bullet points to provide specifics about the event. This arrangement makes it simpler for readers to skim the content and draws attention to the important details of your event, like the date, time, and any unique features.

Event Promotion Website: You can list events for free on a lot of free websites. Every one of these websites aims to simplify things for users. and plan events based on the venue and occasion. facilitating people’s search for activities by making it simple.

Local Online Event Listings: Regardless of your residence. At least one local event directory will likely take submissions for your events. Announcements are available to those seeking to publicize local online events. Check out your favorite websites and use the headline of your events. And determine what kind of results you get.


Advantages of Event Submission Sites List

There are advantages for your business in having your listing on an event submission website. It can generate referral traffic and sales. These sites also have high DA/PA, which will help increase your website’s value in search engine results. Events can be submitted for free. You must, nevertheless, pick the ideal location for your company. These websites are a great resource for online business promotion.

They not only help you build links to your website, which increases organic traffic, but they also send targeted visitors to it. These websites can be excellent resources for obtaining fresh leads. Therefore, use the opportunities these sites present to increase traffic to your events by submitting them to a list of event submission sites.

Utilizing an event submission website has many benefits, one of which is the ability to market your event to a variety of communities, including niche communities. This is a great way to increase your visibility in search engines, increase your attendance, and build a strong online audience. In addition, these sites offer online event registration, which saves you time and improves your bottom line.


Why are Event Submission Sites Important?

Sites where you can submit events are a great way to advertise your event. They let you post information about your event and extend an invitation to people all over the world to come. They also let you sell tickets for your event. The cost of listing your event on an event submission site is minimal, and the ROI is high.

You can also increase your organic traffic by using these websites. Ensuring the accuracy of event facts is crucial when listing an event on an event submission website. Giving your event a precise location is essential to increasing its popularity. To make your event easier to find for possible attendees, utilize Google Maps.

Another important part of a listing is a clear title. It should be simple to read and contain only the most important information. Event submission sites are also important because the content they include is easily found by people searching for your event online. Most of them will categorize your event into different niches so that people looking for details will have the right kind of information to find you. Moreover, the events you submit will be more likely to be seen by the people who are most interested in that particular niche.

Sites for submitting events will assist you in promoting it and growing your company. These listings can raise the search engine rating of your website and are a great source of organic traffic. They’ll aid in your customer acquisition as well. Your sales will rise since more people will visit your website after seeing your event listing.

Finally, these websites will send you an email with information on your event and links to cancel it. You should submit your event to a reputable site for event submissions if you want more people to learn about it. These websites will help your event reach a wider audience and are free to use.


Event Listing Platforms to Use for Your Upcoming Event

Whether you’re organizing a conference, concert, workshop, or any other event, get ready to discover the best platforms that will help you take your event promotion to the next level.



The leading website for event submissions, BookMyShow, makes event promotion and planning easier. Organizers can easily submit their events for a wider audience reach thanks to its user-friendly interface. From concerts to conferences, users can list various events, reaching millions of potential attendees.

BookMyShow’s platform offers robust features, including ticket sales, venue selection, and promotional tools, ensuring events gain maximum exposure. Organizers can concentrate on crafting unique experiences as BookMyShow streamlines the event submission process.


Paytm Insider

Paytm Insider, a dynamic event submission website, revolutionizes event management. Event planners can easily submit their events—from workshops to music festivals—by utilizing Paytm Insider’s user-friendly platform. Event promotion is made simple with cutting-edge features like marketing tools, venue selection, and ticketing solutions.

Paytm Insider’s expansive reach ensures events gain visibility among a diverse audience, driving attendance and engagement. With Paytm Insider, submitting events becomes a seamless experience, empowering organizers to curate unforgettable experiences for attendees.



Eventful, an innovative event submission website, redefines event planning and promotion. Organizers can easily submit a wide array of events, from comedy shows to concerts, using Eventful’s user-friendly platform. Eventful maximizes event visibility for a large audience with complete features like ticketing options, venue selection, and promotional tools.

Because of its intuitive interface, organizers can concentrate on creating amazing experiences while saving time and effort during the submission process. Eventful acts as a matchmaker, bringing together events and enthusiastic attendees to promote enthusiasm and community involvement.



With its intuitive interface, MeraEvents streamlines the process of submitting events for a wide variety of event kinds. Event planners can list anything from conferences to concerts with ease and get access to features like ticketing and promotions to increase engagement and attendance.



AllEvents offers a comprehensive platform for event submission, facilitating a seamless listing of events ranging from workshops to exhibitions. With its intuitive tools, organizers can efficiently manage ticket sales, venue selection, and event promotion, maximizing visibility and participation.



Hook2events provides organizers with an efficient platform to submit events of various types, ensuring streamlined management and promotion. With its array of features including ticketing options and marketing tools, Hook2events facilitates seamless event submission and boosts attendance through enhanced visibility.



Explara offers organizers a robust platform to submit events across diverse categories, streamlining the submission process with intuitive tools for ticketing, venue selection, and promotion. With its user-friendly interface, Explara empowers organizers to reach a wider audience and drive participation, creating memorable experiences for attendees.



10Times is the world’s largest event listing and discovery platform. Headquartered in Noida, the company has local offices in Singapore and the USA. The event management platform allows event organizers to create, promote, and manage the entire life cycle of an event—pre-, during, & post-event stages. 10Times has grown in popularity by assisting in the transportation of millions of people to events all over the world.

There is a dedicated section of this event listing website for online events, where users can peruse thousands of events. Additionally, it is easy to use, which facilitates people finding out about your event. It’s free, but you can pay more for placement.



The greatest site for listing and promoting free events is Yelp. This very useful website has listings that can be categorized by type of business, location, cost range, and special characteristics like delivery service, outdoor seating, or the capacity to take reservations. Users of Yelp can also indicate if they plan to attend events and post a review and rating once they’ve done so. This crazily popular business directory is used by companies, event planners, and attendees looking for local event listings across the globe.



One of the most popular websites for listing events is Eventbrite, which is thought to be the best option for listing events. Using Eventbrite, you can create an event listing page with integrated payment, processing, and support systems. With a simple setup procedure, it efficiently maintains guest lists. You can use it whenever and wherever you like because it is accessible on any device. By connecting your event with the top event listing websites, Eventbrite can help you grow your audience quickly and easily.


LinkedIn Events

One of the most recent features added to the network is the LinkedIn events tool. You may use this tool to create an event on LinkedIn that you can share with the public and members of your network. On LinkedIn, events may be created both online and offline. Additionally, you may advertise your event using LinkedIn’s ad system, which can help it get the attention you want. You can send out invitations and select the event’s specifics. Events on LinkedIn can be set to private or public.


Facebook Events

A strong and popular tool for organizing, publicizing, and attending events is Facebook Events. It is a great option for reaching a broad and varied audience because it makes use of Facebook’s enormous user base to make event discovery easier. Facebook’s primary goal is to inform its users about events happening in their communities and with their friends. Facebook Events is unquestionably the first thing you should prioritize if you want to optimize the impact of your event promotion.



Thousands of event managers worldwide utilize EventBee, an award-winning ticketing tool. The website has made a name for itself as a potential resource for event listings that can assist you in connecting with your target audience across the globe. An event may be easily set up by making an event page, selecting if it will be a one-time or ongoing event, and generating single or many ticket types that allow attendees to have either general admission or reserved seating. By creating a dynamic registration form and other features, you may further personalize the event.



Eventseeker offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of publishing your events. Listings for events can be easily created and uploaded without any difficulty. Eventseeker attracts event enthusiasts who actively search for upcoming events and are eager to explore new experiences. You may include as much information as you like about your event when listing it on Eventseeker. From event descriptions to date, time, location, ticketing information, and more, you can present all the necessary details to potential attendees.



A single submission can syndicate your event to a network of more than 5000 event-listing sites and calendars, making Evvnt the best event-listing service. Why choose a service provider who manages the demand for tickets you produce? If your event is on their network, you can do it in groups. They can boost the exposure of your event, the number of websites where people can buy your tickets, and your SEO rankings on the top search engines. The services range from local event marketing and social media postings to event syndication throughout the network of 5000+ sites.



Using the free event management platform Eventzilla, planners can design and publicize events. The platform provides tools for online registration, ticketing, and promotion. While there are premium features, the basic event listing is offered at no cost.



Events Get has been quietly transforming the world in support of your cause. When you publish your news, articles, and events in advance on our site, you get to see them in a whole new list of all of your college, university, institute, or company’s events, news, and guest posts with us on the seminar, workshop, conference, education, company, announcement, circular, business, technology, gadgets, telecom, and more on a global scale.



Meetup is a well-established platform for events that connects individuals through common interests. Meetup is the best site to use if you want to reach out to a particular enthusiast group or the local community. Additionally, the website promotes recurrent events, which over time might aid in fostering a devoted following.


Top Best Event Submission Sites List

Considering websites for event submissions. provides free services for submitting events, allowing any website or blog to be promoted through an event. The websites on the list are trustworthy and have a high domain authority for off-page search engine optimization.


Sr Event Submission Sites DA PA
1 100 100
2 94 76
3 93 79
4 92 73
5 92 62
6 91 47
7 85 59
8 82 39
9 80 62
10 80 51
11 79 61
12 75 63
13 74 57
14 74 56
15 72 65
16 70 57
17 69 49
18 67 59
19 67 49
20 67 40
21 66 58
22 64 56
23 64 50
24 64 46
25 63 52
26 62 57
27 62 34
28 61 54
29 59 43
30 58 50
31 58 47
32 57 45
33 56 51
34 56 44
35 56 43
36 56 42
37 55 49
38 55 46
39 55 41
40 55 32
41 53 52
42 52 53
43 52 51
44 52 45
45 52 45
46 52 44
47 52 41
48 52 35
49 51 50
50 51 43
51 51 42
52 51 41
53 51 35
54 50 40
55 49 54
56 49 44
57 49 40
58 47 45
59 47 43
60 46 40
61 45 44
62 44 40
63 44 37
64 44 35
65 43 39
66 43 38
67 42 53
68 41 37
69 41 36
70 41 35
71 40 37
72 40 37
73 40 33
74 39 34
75 39 33
76 37 36
77 37 33
78 36 41
79 36 35
80 35 26
81 34 43
82 34 37
83 34 29
84 33 41
85 32 35
86 32 30
87 31 48
88 31 32
89 31 30
90 30 30
91 29 39
92 29 30
93 28 35
94 28 26
95 27 31
96 27 28
97 26 27
98 24 27
99 23 38
100 23 34
101 23 20
102 23 20
103 23 18
104 20 24
105 20 13
106 18 16
107 15 20
108 12 17
109 4 3


Free Event Submission Listing Sites

Sr Event Listing Sites


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Event Listing Submission Sites

Event submission makes it easier for the event to take place. It facilitates the making of connections and the involvement of a wider audience. Understanding what event submission is aids in referring to online clients and making it easier for them to find you. Sites for submitting events are a fantastic way to advertise your company and obtain high-quality backlinks to your website. It is an excellent method of increasing traffic and lead generation for your company.

  • Please sign in to your account.
  • Choose your event.
  • Select “Publish Event” (top of the page).
  • Select “Schedule Publish.”
  • Set a time and date for the event to go live.
  • Track the progress of your event.

These websites provide a practical and effective means for event planners to connect with prospective guests, raising awareness of their gatherings and augmenting attendance figures. Event planners may reach a wider audience, establish a connection with specific audiences, and generate more publicity for their events by putting their events on these listings.

Additionally, by providing a single spot for attendees to find a variety of events in their area or areas of interest, event submission listing websites also help to improve the overall experience of attendees.

  • Grow your Event’s Reach and ticket-selling volume
  • More interactive methods of promotion
  • Bring Genuine Leads and Traffic
  • Expand your Community
  • Reach your Targeted Audience easily
  • Save your valuable time
  • Increase ROI or revenue

Platforms for listing events are where organizers publish their events and businesses along with all the details. It will be quite helpful for event marketing, and people searching for events on search engines will find you easily. Every time you add your event to one of these listings, your website's search engine ranking will improve, and you'll reach more potential customers.

With the help of these platforms, you may enhance your revenue and obtain superior search engine leads. Good event listing tools boost online visibility and provide a fantastic opportunity for people without big funds to market their company and create an online presence.

To create an event, simply follow these steps: Click "Create Post" after selecting the "Posts" tab in the Google My Business dashboard. Include the event title and up to 300 words of description and information. Give the dates, times, and start and end of your event.

To effectively market your event and reach your target audience, it's important to select the best site for event listing submissions. The following are some things to think about when choosing:

Audience Demographics: Look for event listing sites that cater to your target audience. Consider the demographics, interests, and location of the site’s users to ensure they align with your event attendees.

Pertinence to Your Event: Select a location that is appropriate for the kind of event you are arranging. Look for platforms that specialize in the industry that your event is related to.

Geographical Coverage: If your event is location-specific, make sure the website that lists events has enough geographic coverage. It ought to make it to the intended city or region's audience.

User Traffic and Visibility: Check the site’s traffic and visibility. Higher traffic means more potential attendees will see your event. To determine how much traffic a website receives, you can use programs like SimilarWeb or Alexa.

SEO Friendliness: Whenever possible, choose search engine optimized event listing websites. This will raise the visibility of your event listings in search engine results, improving the likelihood that people will find it online.

User Interface and Experience: Users are more likely to be drawn to and stay on a platform that is easy to use. Take into account the event listing website's general design, simplicity of use, and navigation.

Social Media Integration: Verify whether the website makes it simple to share events on social media. Integrating social media with your event can greatly raise its profile.

Cost and Budget: Some websites that list events may charge a fee to list them or may charge extra for premium features. Analyze your spending and select a platform that offers a decent return on investment.

Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that the event listing site is mobile-friendly, as a significant portion of users may access the site from mobile devices.



There you have it, then. This list demonstrates the abundance of strong, efficient, and well-regarded platforms available for listing, promoting, and expanding the audience for your event. To get started, all you need is a little bit of advanced planning, vision, and ingenuity. The websites where you can submit events can assist in giving you much-needed publicity.

The conference listing sites’ greatest feature is their ability to raise awareness of your company. Additionally, they use SEO content on the Internet to promote businesses for free. On the aforementioned event submission websites, you will have the choice between free and premium event submission alternatives. You might also set up your ticket booking system to operate on a commission basis.

As a result, recruiting attendees for your particular events can be done more easily on these websites. In conclusion, your goal of submitting events will be achieved because individuals searching for a list of events on Google will undoubtedly locate your website with ease. These websites for submitting events will act as a silent agent for you, bringing in more attendees and ultimately driving traffic.

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